Sunday, 20 May 2012

365+1 another week ...

Was it really a week ago that I was making my 365+1 collage?  It must have been because it's now time for the next one!
What a variety of pictures I have here!
Portrait of a woman - this is the last photograph taken of my Great Grandmother.  She died a few months after I was born but lived with my family in her last years.  She was officially the oldest inhabitant of our town, and I think she was 95 when she died.  This photo was taken when she was asked to plant a tree in Mulberry Green, Old Harlow.
Faceless portrait - this is typically me on a Monday lunchtime.  I always eat my main meal at lunchtime on a Monday as I have my fitness class in the evening.  And always spend the time checking my phone to see who has updated Facebook or Twitter!
Portrait of a stranger - We get many dog walkers going past our house en route to the park and normally it would have been easy to photograph a stranger.  However, this day it was pouring with rain and I had to wait for ages for a hardy dog walker to appear!
Candid - took a sneaky photo of the husband working on his laptop in the kitchen
Group - my niece wanted to have some balloon dogs for her daughter's birthday party and I helped with the balloon modelling.  The blue one has a rather disproportional tail!
Flower - Love the delicate nature of forget-me-nots and the colour is just beautiful.
Interior - this is a fab new shop that has opened in town, full of all kinds of unusual things.  Including a rather brilliant, very large dolls house in the window.  Not sure we have room for that!
Sunday lunch beckons so I think my blog browsing will have to resume after that.  Looking forward to a lazy afternoon of checking up with what everyone else has been doing.


Alison said...

That shop looks right up my street Deb..I miss things like that!
Alison xx

Cheri said...

Great photos Deb! Love the one of your grandmother - and that shop looks fabulous!

Rhona said...

I do enjoy seeing all your photos for the week. I also rather like the look of that shop :) xx

Amy said...

I like the look of the shop too!

Sian said...

I love the look of that dolls house :)