Tuesday 22 May 2012

Fancy joining in?

Cate over at {life behind the purple door}has uploaded a page layout to her blog and is planning to do her version of it as part of her 'Less Pinterest, more do' campaign.  She's inviting others to join in and see how different people interpret the same design.   The design of the layout really appeals to me and I think I'll be joining in, do you fancy it too?
No strange exam requests today although with the sun now shining brightly and temperatures of 24 degrees forecast, they'll soon be swooning in the aisles and demanding iced water.  
We have a few exam related jokes pinned to the wall of the office and I will be adding this one to it tomorrow. I saw it on a friend's daughter's facebook page and found it on google images.  It appeals to the part of me that has a phobia of maths


Maria Ontiveros said...

LOL! will go take a look at the design.

Cheri said...

I do like the design she posted. Will have to see if I can use it in one of my LOAD layouts this week.

Beverly said...

I saw the joke the other day and loved it :) I'll be looking at the layout but me getting one done this week would be extraordinary!

Sian said...

lol! I'll be passing that on. It appeals to my own maths phobia

Ifa said...

LOL...I am enjoying your exam stories...very seasonal. I sent my son in on Monday, dosed up with Lemsip but I would not in a billion years ask school to provide special treatments for my son.

Alison said...

i'm hoping to get Cate's challenge done too!
Alison xx