Tuesday 8 May 2012

365+1 comes round again

Another week bites the dust 
Sometimes I know exactly what I'm going to use for my photos and other times I have to give it much thought and then it gets to bed time and I panic "I've not taken my photo today!"  I say as I'm getting ready for bed.  "Take it tomorrow" says the husband "no one will know."  "I will know" .... and I grab my camera in search of inspiration.
Rough - the bark of a tree
Lights - my dining room ceiling light
Dessert - chocolate mousse.  What else?
Beautiful - The bleeding hearts are in flower in the garden, such a pretty flower.
Grunge - Denise gave me some Tim Holtz grunge board hinges a while ago.  The inspiration was in the name of the product!
Smooth - The eureka moment came while I was ironing.  What could be smoother than a freshly ironed garment?
Futuristic - ummm ... well .... does this qualify?  3 little mettalic men that my daughter has hanging from her cooker hood.  They have a certain futuristic quality about them.  Don't they?


scrappyjacky said...

I have Bleeding Hearts in flower as well...pink ones and white ones....so beautiful.

Jo.C said...

Well done - Am so behind at displaying and showing.Have done most photos but have a couple to sneak in. Love the little men.

humel said...

That works for me! Great collection if pics :)

I know what you mean about taking a photo on a different day - it took me ages to get used to the idea I could do that with my Project 365, but then I accidentally missed a day and having a gap would have been worse!!

Scrappi Sandi said...

I love bleeding hearts too & aren't they gorgeous at the moment!...& Doh! Why didn't I think of Grungeboard?!! :D

Anonymous said...

Love the bleeding hearts but around here they are called Dutchman's breaches.

Amy said...

That is the exact reason why I could not come at any sort of 365 project - I would drive myself nuts!

Sian said...

what I've been doing is writing the word in my diary every day and then if the right picture comes along, fine. If it doesn't I wait til the next day..as long as I've gathered them by the end of the week I'm happy.

You are doing brilliantly!

Alison said...

I now have this vision of you running through the house in the dark, clutching your camera!
Alison xx