Friday, 25 May 2012

Happy Mail

I recently took part in the Mail Art Exchange organised by Ginger  and today I came home to find this waiting for me 
Such a pretty printed envelope, and look how the scruffy little dog in the bottom right corner looks just like my daughter's puppy!  Even the back was perfectly stamped
and inside was a pretty note-let along with 2 little Scottie dog inspired cards
So a big thank you to Carol Anne!  This happy mail was perfectly timed as I needed something to make me smile after a stressful day at work.  A colleague has resigned and will be leaving in 3 weeks and while they find a replacement, we are having to organise ourselves to absorb her work into our already busy days.  Another colleague was ill today and I had to urgently schedule 163 seven minute appointments for our incoming Year 7 girls over the space of 4 days. 
 Plus it's still exam time and the stress is starting to tell on our sixth formers.  So many of them are asking to sit in the front row because they are feeling panicky and don't want to feel claustrophobic.  If they ever get round to building us a new school (this one is over 100 years old and well past it's 'use by' date) we will need one very wide, short exam hall.  90 seats, all in the front row.  


Amy said...

Gorgeous mail Deb!

Good luck with all that is going on at school, just think, once you all make it through, the holidays will be there waiting!

Maria Ontiveros said...

That;s awesome mail! Good luck with the end of finals.

Ginger said...

What an awesome envelope! Carol did a fantastic job and I love her "words" :)

Alison said...

Looks like perfect mail for stressful times Deb!
Alison xx