Thursday 5 July 2012

An A-maze-ing discovery

Yes, you guessed it, I’ve found Scavenger Hunt Number 12 – A maze, labyrinth or trail.
12 Maze
I hope it is clear that it is a maze, but it’s hard to take a picture at ground level that shows it to it’s best effect.  When they designed the Country Park which is close to where I live, they allocated a large square area that was to be a dog-free zone and has been left as a pasture, except they cut a maze into the grass over the summer period.   At the centre of the maze is a picnic table and benches.   A month ago you could barely see the difference between the pathway and the grass, but now it is starting to show.  As the grass grows I may be able to get a better picture but in the meantime, this is my maze.
Had a text from my intrepid explorer son this lunchtime.  A man of few words, but apparently he’s started his teaching now.  The children are really cute and love him apparently.  I can understand that!  Seems hard to imagine what he’s doing and what his average day is like.  Also hard to believe that it is almost a week since he left.  Needless to say, I spent the afternoon with a happy smile on my face after reading his message.  
The Olympic Flame is coming through our town on Saturday.  For about 10 minutes I think!  I’d like to go and see it on it’s journey but I suspect that it’ll be pretty crowded and at 5’ 1”, I’m hardly likely to be able to see much.  So please don’t expect to see any close up photos on my blog, it’s more likely to be the back of someone’s head.  Has anyone else seen it on it’s travels?


Anonymous said...

Glad you boy is ok and enjoying his adventure. Take care x

Sandie said...

good you have found a maze for your scavenger hunt, it looks fun!

Elizabeth said...

I can see that it's a maze! The only maze we see here is in the fall when they harvest the corn, and then made a maze from the standing stalks.

helena said...

I love your maze - such a great thing for the park people to do.

I saw the torch - 30 minutes of waiting and cheering support vehicles and police outriders then the runner appears - a wave, some camera clips, and it was gone. Short but a feelgood moment

Irene said...

What a find for the Hunt. Definitely amazing.
So glad your son is settling in and you get to hear from his regularly x

Scrappi Sandi said...

great maze! The torch comes through our village on Sunday morning...about an hour after I've left for work! :(

Alison said...

Great find Deb...and glad your boy is keeping in touch!
Alison xx