Monday 2 July 2012

Back to normal - or trying to

Well, it is now a whole week since I returned from hospital and I think it's time to try and resume normal day to day routine.  Which kind of includes going back to work.  Never thought I would hear myself say it but I can't wait to get back!  ~ remind me about that next time I moan about it ~
Hopefully, leaving the confines of my home will mean I can crack on with some more scavenger photos - there's only so much you can find inside the house or outside in the garden!  But Number 2 A Clothesline was clearly destined to be found at home: 

Five minutes after this was taken, every line was full of clothes that J had put out to be washed after he had done his packing before leaving for Africa.  Boys!
Now, a bit of a technical question for you all.  Is anyone else having problems with Blogger turning their photos sideways?  Any picture I take in a portrait orientation is being displayed sideways - unless I write my post via Windows Live Writer.  I upload them - as normal.  I rotate them and save them - as normal. Then I write a post - as normal.  Click on insert image - as normal.  But it displays it sideways and it is driving me mad!  Is it happening to anyone else and if so, how do I get it to behave itself?   
Received a message from my boy yesterday afternoon: "Today we went up a mountain on motorbikes which was very scary, then we trekked through the jungle with the help of a few tiny boys who dragged us across rivers, up rocks and through bushes!  Everyone here is very nice and we are all looking forward to starting teaching."  Motorbikes?  Did I not put motorbikes on my list of things he shouldn't be doing while he is out there?!


Scrappi Sandi said...

LOL at your sons message!! He's obviously having a great time! Glad you're getting back to normal & I always use Livewriter so can't offer any advice re rotated photo's...sorry!!:D

scrappyjacky said...

You must be better if you want to return to work....but it's only for a very short time now.....and then the summer holiday....hooray!!
Boys and their OH has just got himself a motorbike!!!

alexa said...

Just catching up and sorry to read you have been in hospital - going to read further back in a mo. Sons, eh! I spent most of my son's teenage years in fear also!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better and are back to work.

Cheri said...

So glad you are feeling better enough to be back to work! Do know that feeling when your baby is on the other side of the world having adventures that you aren't a part of... recalling conversations with you about the price of groceries in London...