Thursday 27 June 2013

Let's sit and have a cup of tea

Oh my goodness, I'm running late - I'm so sorry!  I'm pleased we agreed to meet up in town at this tea shop as it meant I could just leave work and run down the hill to meet you.  It's a great little tea shop isn't it?  It's run by a girl who used to go to the school I work at.  Such a lovely, vintage feel to the place.  That lemon drizzle cake looks lovely, do you fancy a slice?

And as the tea arrives - I will cradle my cup in my hands and tell you how busy we are at work.  When you tell someone you work in a school, I guarantee that the first thing they will say is 'how lovely to get those long summer holidays'.  I will agree, but tell you that they come at a price.  You have to get 6 weeks worth of work done before you break up so that when you come in on the first Monday in September, you can hit the ground running.

I will explain that although I work part time, I am going to have to be working overtime hours in the next month.  One of the ladies I work with had an accident playing netball last week and we heard on Tuesday that she has actually ruptured her achilles tendon.  Ouch!  This is why I try to avoid exercise, it's not always good for your health.  Or maybe just a reminder that netball is left to the under 35s and you should never volunteer to join a Mums team!  Either way, it means it is all hands on deck as she is off work now for at least 6 weeks so realistically won't be back until after the summer holidays.  Poor thing, although we are joking about how convenient it is that this has happened just as Wimbledon begins, I think we all agree that enforced rest with your leg in plaster and your foot forced into a downward point is no laughing matter.

I'd show you a picture of Coco - looking beautiful after the dog groomer's visit yesterday
I do love the 'beautiful mess' photo app, have you got it?  Take a good look at that clean tidy dog, because she is a terror for running in the flower beds, getting mud and petals all over here, this time next week she'll be scruffy again.  Talking of Coco, I had better get back home and take her for her walk or she will be sulking in the kitchen.  She'll be pleased tomorrow as my husband will be back from his 6 days of cycling along the Rhein in Germany and she'll have company all day.  This means I can get around to that mini book that I was planning to make about his trip - I do hope he's got some good photos for me!

Thanks for joining me, and thanks to Abi for organising this meme.  See you again next month!


Abi said...

Thanks for joining me for tea again Debs. I am really enjoying seeing the ABM photos come up on my IG feed but am waiting to get an iphone to use it! I know what you mean about those school terms. My mum is a teacher and I swear she spends most of the holiday sorting things out for school!

Rachel Brett said...

I know exactly what you mean Deb.. being an ex-teacher I used to spend a good couple of weeks in the summer hols 'planning' for next year. Hope you don't have to work too hard though ;)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Such a lovely tea break. Great photo! I never manage to get a shot of our dog when she is clean. It seems to only last until she gets out of the car.

Miriam said...

Gosh, what a beautifully tidy dog. Love the app you used. Thanks for the tea and cake, yes it was delicious and the little cafe was charming.

Beverly said...

Yes, by the time the break gets here you are totally exhausted. Thanks for running down to meet me and thanks for bringing the photo of Coco! Imagine the Chosen One would enjoy that type of biking tour.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Haha - oh, Deb, you crack me up. I think that your co-worker's injury is a perfect example of why we should not exercise. ;o)

Coco is just SOOOOO cute!!! Thanks for meeting me for tea today! xo

Ruth said...

I worked in a boarding school for seven years and all I ever heard was, "What? More holidays?" No-one seemed to remember that in term time I regularly put in 70 hour weeks!
I think I'd like to meet in that tea shop ~ sounds lovely ~ and in reality, should be doable!

Alison said...

Oh you ARE going to have a busy run-up to the hols! you have plans to go away?...I love the thought of going to a tearoom in BS with you
Alison xx

boysmum2 said...

My SiL works in a school and she says the same as you, lovey to have the holidays off but the hard work before hand makes the hols worth it.
Always worth taking a picture of the dog when they ahve that moment of clean, cause it never lasts long!
Thansk for the tea, such a cute tea room, catch you next month when you are relaxing on holiday almost!

Maria Ontiveros said...

That puppy of yours has the sweetest looking face. I think I always enjoy tea more in a shoppe than at home, so I'm glad to meet you there. It's nice to sit down and chat!

alexa said...

Lovely to have tea out with you, and you sound out of breath with all that busyness! Yes, school holidays are really a teacher's catch up and prepare for the next year time, I agree.hing you enjoy the additional time, though, and that the min book makes it into production :).