Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Scavenger Hunt progress

Anyone fancy a trip down the local pub?  Any excuse to grab another photo for the scavenger hunt!
Does this look familiar to anyone?  This is the pub we went to when Deb, Carrie and Alison came over and it has been shut for about a month for renovations.  I went there last night with friends and it is totally re-vamped in there.  It looks the same from the outside but the inside has gone quite trendy.

I don't know if anyone else is doing the same as me for the hunt photos but I am taking anything I see that fits a category and then at the end of the hunt, if I have more than one photo for any one item, I shall choose my favourite.  Which is a roundabout way of saying that I don't really like my 'theatre' photo.
It is our local theatre and they have a wide variety of productions going on there.  It's where I went to see the Strictly Come Dancing show a few months ago.  I was chatting to someone at work and said I was going there to take a photo on my day off and the Head of Art overheard and assumed that I was going to look at the Art Exam exhibition the school has going on in one of the galleries.  She was so happy that I was going I didn't have the heart to tell her my real reason.  It's an unusual place in that there are the studios where shows are performed, there's art gallery space and there's also a local museum.  See, Cecil Rhodes, the founder of Rhodesia in South Africa was born in my town and there is a museum wing dedicated to him there too.  It's not as attractive a building that I would have hoped to include! There was a poster advertising a skeleton of an archeological find in the foyer and I was grinning as I said to my husband "Look, I can tick off Dinosaur too" at which point he guided me away and said 'Deb, it's a horse'. 
And finally a picture of me with a crafting tool. I am excitedly starting my next quilt and it seemed an ideal picture to show the kind of crafts that I am enjoying at this point of the hunt.
I do have some instagram pictures that I've found too and need to find out how I can get them onto my blog, ideas anyone?


Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Hey Deb - I have a lot to say about this post. :o)

First: OUR PUB!!! You know, I wouldn't have known that was it just by seeing the photo because it was dark the night we went there. Man, Carrie and I loved that place!!!

The theater is really cool, and I can understand how you might not be thrilled with it, but you must remember that some of us think that type of thing is really cool because it's so different from anything we see on a day to day basis. I laughed about the horse skeleton - haha - and agreed with your reasoning about waiting until the end and choosing the photo you like best for a particular prompt.

And lastly, the photo of you and your sewing machine. I really love it - and would you believe that I have (had) plans to do pretty much the EXACT same shot for that prompt? I may still do it anyway and we can just be twins on that. :o)

Lovely set of photos and I loved your journaling on this post. Hope you are having a great day! xo

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Can you believe there's a PS? You should be able to upload your Instagrams from your phone just like you would with regular photos. If not, you can go here: - sign in to your Instagram account and then you can right click on your photos and "save as" to your computer. I'm done. xo

Cheri said...

You've been quite busy and productive getting your scavenger hunt shots. I haven't even started! I like the idea of taking multiple shots and choosing the best at the end.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great photos! I too am doing the multiple photo thing. After all there are many many outside benches & maybe I'll find something interesting in time but meanwhile I'll take some standard ones now just in case nothing more interesting comes along.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love, love, love the photo of you.
I'm also doing multiples (especially of things like fences). And I really enjoy seeing pubs and coffee houses from around the world.

Sandi Robinson said...

Love your pics so far...especially you with your faithful sewing machine!! I'm all behind myself but am planning to make a start this weekend! Love the multiple pic just never know what perfect 'find' may be just around the corner!! :D

Sian said...

Hahaha to the dinosaur! Not only a great set of pictures, but some entertaining stories to go with them. You have some layouts practically ready to go in that lot

Amy said...

I will do the same thing, find what I can when I can and decide on the ones I like the most after I have them all.
Love the shot with you at the sewing machine - it's a great one!

Becky said...

I am doing the same as you - taking more than one photo of a category if I'm not sure that I like the first one I took! Love the photo of you at your sewing machine :)

Alison said...

I recognised the pub right away ......I'm a bit sad that they've modernised the inside...I thought it was lovely the way it was! Great pics
Alison xx

boysmum2 said...

I am the same, I may take a picture of an item but I may not post it until such time as I have really checked around and seen if I can find anything more interesting. Funny, as Deb said, it is interesting to the people seeing it but not to the person taking the picture!!