Sunday 30 June 2013

My Month in Numbers - June

Any excuse to share one of my most favourite and most summery sing a long in the car songs - oh how I love this track from Jamiroquai - 7 Days in Sunny June

What a great way to start this round up of what the month held for me - although I have to warn you, I will now be singing through the whole of the post.  Don't say you weren't warned. What's that - you want to join in?  Brilliant, let's play the video all over again ... Wait a moment though, Come on JK what do you mean 'Seven days in sunny June' we haven't had seven days of sunshine this month!
But what have we had - 
We had 70 million 500 and 27 wasps swarm around the windows of our office at school.  Give or take a wasp here and there.  You see I'm not a huge wasp lover so when I heard my colleague shout out 'Oh my goodness, shut the windows NOW, just look at all those wasps',  I was out my seat faster than ever seen before. If there had been a competition between me, Usain Bolt and Mo Farrah in jumping out of your seat and running to the furthest point of the office, I would have won, no question.  There's something intimidating about looking out of a window and seeing a swarm of wasps outside with them flying into the glass.  And me wondering if they all surged forward at exactly the same instant, would the 103 year old wooden window frame be able to hold them back? Last year we had a swarm of bees and that was quite different - that was like a black cloud of bees heading towards the building but they swooped upwards at the last minute and flew over the roof.  These nasty, vicious wasps wanted to be indoors, they were flying into the windows, they wanted to be stinging any secretary they could find.  And I'm only little, they'd pick the weakest one off first wouldn't they?  Neurotic?  Moi?
Phew, let's think of something a bit nicer
1 Good Samaritan act - when taking my trolley back to the trolley park in the car park I found a ladies handbag hanging from the handle of the trolley in front of mine.  It's owner was nowhere to be seen and I was at that dilemma point, do I look inside for clues to the owner?  This appealed to the 'Miss Marple' in me but a quick look was no good, there was no phone in there for me to call someone in their address book and say 'Hey, when you see xxxx can you tell her that I've handed her bag into Sainsburys.' So I just had to hand it in and hope that the owner retraced their steps to the last place they used it and was reunited.
1 friend with a birthday.  Another 55 candles bite the dust.  (memo to self, find more younger friends, their ages are wreaking havoc with my month in numbers totals and in danger of causing a wax candle shortage)
Husband away for 6 days cycling trip along the Rhein. No one is admitting to the number of German beers consumed.  
3 meals out with friends. And 2 of those were with people I hadn't actually seen in person for nearly 2 years.  Texting, emailing and phone calls are all very well, but there's something really nice about sitting down face to face with a nice meal and a bottle of wine.
1 dog grooming visit for the hairiest member of the family. 

1 crop. Where I ate 2 scrummy cupcakes and made 2 layouts.
15 photos found for Rinda's Scavenger Hunt. However, I've now exhausted all the ones I know that I can get relatively easily and we're down to the nitty gritty.  Why can you never find a dinosaur when you need one?
1 new drama series that I am loving.  Anyone else watching The Returned?  Oh wow, it's a bit spooky. And as it is in French with subtitles I like to count it as educational too. 
1 tv series that I was enjoying that has come to an end.  When my friend told me that I needed to start watching Nashville I was initially resistant. 
'I don't like Country and Western music. '
 'Have you ever actually listened to much country music?' 
 'No, but I don't like Dolly Parton.' 
 'It's not all like Dolly Parton.' 
'I don't like Johnny Cash' 
 'It's not at all like Johnny Cash.  Give it a chance.  Ignore the music, just watch it for the story line.' 
'OK but if it's all country music singing, I won't like it'    
 Well of course it wasn't all singing and shhhh don't tell her but I've actually downloaded 4 of the tracks from the soundtrack cd.  Turns out country music has changed a bit since I last listened to it.   And it finished on a real 'hold your breath' moment.  Please tell me there is a second series.
1 tv series that I should not watch whilst eating dinner.  Hannibal.  The casting for this is superb and of course we all knew from episode one that anyone whose name is Dr Lecter and who enjoys cooking with 'locally sourced and fresh ingredients' is someone to stay well away from.  Liver casserole with fava beans and a nice chianti anyone?  
So that was June - and the counting is all part of the series organised by the inspring Julie Kirk.  She of Push Up Bra blogging.  You know the one?  Has an etsy shop?  Manages to overhear weird and wonderful random conversations?  Have a click here and see what Month in Numbers is all about.  Better still, go back through your diary and see what the month held for you.  You may be surprised what you find in your vital statistics!


Susanne said...

That's quite a round-up. We enjoy Nashville as well, and I'm looking forward to all the summer replacement series starting in July. I need to start packing my camera too, because I know exactly where the nearest dinosaur hangs out!

Jo.C said...

Brilliant post and dinosaur was my first find.

Sian said...

Nashville is definitely a guilty pleasure here: I'm addicted to it!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great post! I'd have freaked at all the wasps. Fortunately we haven't had more than 1 or 2 around here.

Lou said...

a great roundup of the month. I got a dinosaur photo today too.

Deborah Weber said...

LOL - what a delightful post. Stay clear of those wasps, I want to come back and read more.

Julie Kirk said...

I loved reading through this Deb - a real treat, made me laugh and smile lots. I'm only a bit disappointed that the video wasn't of *you* singing!

Maybe the wasps were coming to make you their leader ... you might have missed an opportunity there.

And it was something of a relief to see the hairiest family member was was a dog!

I've added you to the board now:

Happy July!

Julie x

p.s: the questions for the 1st 'Communal Count' are up on my blog today if you want to join in with that too.

Barbara said...

A great post Debs - all those wasps I too would have been across the room in no time.

Sheena said...

Wow what a month you have had :)
I'm a fan of Hannibal & my friends keep raving about Nashville so I think I'm gonna have to try it out x

Rachel Brett said...

Wow! What a lot of numbers, great roundup Deb! :)

HannahBanana said...

What a great post - made me smile. The doggy is adorable even though I am a cat person. ;-)
And I'm with you on being petrified of wasps.

Ifa said...

Those wasps sound vicious. 70 million ? As many as that ? Last year was a bad year for bees swarming. Let's hope you don't see any this year.

Melissa said...

I think I'd be running to the other side of the room with a swarm of wasps flying my way too. Wow, you're going well with your scavenger hunt photos, I just took my first one today.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Oh my gosh, Deb, you crack me up. I loved your description of the near wasp attack - thank Heaven you were spared! You seem to have the same dislike for wasps as Carrie does for bees. Great round up of your month in numbers!

KraftyKaren said...

Your numbers really made me giggle and omg to the wasps - I'm not allergic but I do react quite badly to their stings so I might have set a new speed record along with you.

Nashville is fab - my Dad is a C&W fanatic and I was made to listen to a lot of that genre as a kid - I thought I was going to hate the series but have really enjoyed the modern country music and am seriously thinking of getting the CD - ssshhh don't tell anyone as they all think rock is my thing LOL. And as for Hannibal - I miss most of it as I watch it from behind a cushion - I'm a right wimp!!