Thursday 28 May 2015


Today Cate has asked us to share a blog post on things we collect.  Being a 'born-again de-clutterer' (it'll never last) I don't really have a collection to share with you. 
The only thing closest to something I collect would be my little penguins, but I only have a few and I don't have them on display together anywhere so I'm not sure it counts.  There is of course the infamous penguin who got up to all manner of adventures when I went to the Eclectic Keepsake crops.  He never quite got over his kidnapping though and is happy standing guard in the dining room nowadays.

I am drawn to anything with a picture of a penguin on it and they are my favourite zoo animal.  It's not because I share many characteristics with them, I don't like swimming out of my depth, I wouldn't last long in a cold climate although I do like a nice fish supper.
When I was little I would collect key rings.  I had a huge collection and it was a well known family fact that as soon as we went anywhere that had a gift shop, I would be coming home with a new key ring.  I had a particular liking for anything that had my star sign on so there were quite a few with Pisces fishes.  Is there a connection with that any my later penguin phase I wonder?

Talking of collecting, the work going on in my kitchen means that the rest of the house is collecting dust.  Not sure that I want to encourage that kind of collection though!
Do you have something that you collect?


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Penguins always remind me of you, Deb, so I can see how this was an easy choice for this post. I love seeing my mom's strawberry next to your beloved penguin. :o) ♥

Cheri said...

I do miss the adventures of your little penguin. Hopefully he will recover from the PSD shortly and be up for some new adventures (at least around the house)!

Sian said...

Not penguins :)

I have all sorts of collections, dating back to my postcard albums when I was little

alexa said...

I'm not a collecting sort of person myself, but other people's collections fascinate me! I like the way you ponder what draws you to penguins!