Tuesday 2 February 2016

My January in numbers

Good intentions?  New Year resolutions? Or just plain inspired by Julie's own My Month in Numbers?  Who knows - but here I am sharing the numbers that made up my January.  Ably assisted by the Collect App which prompts you for a photo taken each day.
I always think that I don't go out for meals very often until I look at this app where I can see that I have eaten out three times this month.  Which is probably why I was sent to the equivalent of the Slimming World naughty step last week.  2lbs over my target.  After having been at target for over a year.   Oh the shame.  However did that happen? Could it have been the Christmas chocolates?  Wine? I'm in denial but you can see from the picture in the 2nd Thursday down, I was back on SW recipes (salmon with pasta, roasted tomatoes and courgettes in a lemon herb sauce) in an effort to get off those scales with my halo intact this week.
Looks like I grew a moustache on the first Tuesday.  Funny, I don't remember that at all.
The Nike wristband was in use on three trips to Fitsteps classes.  You'd think all that extra exercise would have compensated for the extra food that was being eaten wouldn't you?  Apparently not, in fact maybe the exercise made me hungry?  
Now in the interests of keeping things neat, I need to find a third three to share - how lucky that my friend Dani had her third book published last week.  As you can see, she found it on sale in Tesco and then I found it in my local supermarket!
I found twenty four sample quilt squares which I made into a quilt.  Now, Coco assumes that the only reason I did this was to make her a new quilt to lie on in the evening.  She's becoming a right princess over this and now stands by my chair in the evening with a pleading look on her face because she wants to sit on my lap. But she won't get up there until I've laid the new quilt across my legs.  Who says we spoil that dog?
See that picture on the fourth Sunday?  That's a screen shot of a Skype conversation I had with my penfriend in Florida.  We've been penfriends for forty seven years!  We were paired up as penfriends when we both joined The Monkees fan club.  (Don't judge us on our musical tastes - we were still at primary school!)
If you pop over to Julie's blog you'll see that she hit a milestone birthday this month; we were celebrating a birthday too - but too many candles to fit on a cake, my mother in law was 89
I signed up for the Liberate Your Art project and had ten postcards printed off to send overseas to be shared around.  I sent them off to Kat before I could change my mind but as I've been seeing the postcards other people are sending out I'm beginning to feel a bit nervous that my 'art' is not of the same standard. Oh well, it's too late now!  Are you taking part too?
And finally - for someone who dislikes going to the dentists twice in the course of a year - I ended up going twice within two weeks.  Not because it was so much fun the first time that I asked to go back, more a case of 'make another appointment on your way out, we need to replace that bit of filling that broke off.'  I was hoping he wouldn't find out about that.
So farewell to January - you flew by in the blink of an eye.  You've eased us gently into 2016 and February holds promises of half term holidays and pancakes.  Slimming World recipe of course ;-)


Sandra said...

What a fun post (other than the dentist bit). I love looking back at the past month. I too always think I don't do much until I look back ... It's then that I realise I drink an awful lot of coffee out lol x

Cheri said...

What a fun way to recap your month!

Ruth said...

What a great set of numbers! I particularly like the bit about your penfriend, as my mum wrote to someone in Australia for around 35 years (their friendship only came to an end when the lady in Australia passed away) ... and I am in touch with the family still (mostly via Facebook rather than pen on paper) and got to meet them when we went Down Under in 2005. That's a bit of a ramble, sorry ....

Sian said...

You had quite a lot going on in January, didn't you? That's an amazing "penpal number": you should be so proud! (and probably heading for a world record. Keep it up..)

Julie Kirk said...
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Julie Kirk said...

Lovely to have your numbers gracing me in the first MinN of 2016.(I'll pin it to the board when I'm on a 'proper' computer.)

I find the majority of my numerical takes each month come from photos - and that app seems the perfect number counter's companion.

I've done nothing towards getting fitter this year ... I'm slipping back into bad habits and maybe inventing a few new ones.

As for your Skype chats ... I've never done one yet yours is the 3rd example this week Ive come across as a good use of it. Now I'm tempted (see also your comment about vlogging!)

Thanks for hopping on board with your numbers ... and for your book related support ... and your perfect comment on my new blog feature.

Have a great February Deb.

Julie x

Maria Ontiveros said...

Maybe I should start paying attention to that collect app reminder that beeps every evening, as I love what you have done with yours.

Susanne said...

Great post of the month in review - now I'm off to look into that app.