Monday 1 February 2016

Worth waiting for

New Year, new style

Anyone looking in my wardrobe would easily be able to see that I am a big fan of 'White Stuff' clothes.  Especially those that are in their sales.  I'm not sure I've ever paid full price for something in there but send me a '30% off sale' link and I'm a happy little internet shopper.  They opened a store in town a few years ago and it's in a far too convenient position to just 'pop in for a browse round the sale racks' because we all know that a quick browse leads to a quick try on and a quick purchase.  The thing I particularly like about their tunic styles is that for those of us who are vertically challenged - just an inch over 5 foot -(every inch counts for us shorties) you can get away with wearing them as a dress with a pair of opaque tights.
I recently found myself almost buying a tunic/dress but then thought 'I'm sure I've already got something very similar to this' and sure enough, I had, just in a different pattern.  So I decided it was time to get myself out of the normal zone and into something new. 
I bought myself some patterned trousers in Phase Eight (January sale, I'm a canny shopper!)which I had ummed and ahhed about for a while.  Got them home.  Fitted beautifully, so comfortable.  I loved them.  But being patterned, they needed a plain top and looking in my wardrobe, everything was patterned or striped.  So I bought a plain emerald green silky shell top.  When I went out in the new outfit, it brought lots of complements and I realised that it was time I stepped out of my normal safe style.  It was nice to go out and feel like I was wearing something different for a change.

Turns out that every other 'going out' outfit that I put together is patterned; it's rare for me to buy something plain.  Cue more internet shopping.  Let's pop over to the Monsoon website to see what they have on offer.  I fell in love with a dress in a beautiful burgundy colour with black lace finishing off the armholes and shoulders.  £89 though.  Do I love it that much?  Would I get my money's worth out of it?  Probably not.  Mid January comes and brings with it a 'get it while you can 50% off sale'.  Oh - is the dress still there?  Yes.  In my size? Yes. £45.  I clicked 'add to basket' then thought better of it.  Today in my inbox is a 'final chance to buy' email.  OK if the dress is still there and it's still available in my size then the universe is clearly telling me to buy it.  £26.70!  Now, I don't think the dress was ever worth nearly £90 but £26.70?  How could I resist? 
So the thing I learnt this weekend was that sometimes it is worth waiting for the universe to send you a sign that you need to get out of a fashion rut and try something new! 
Sending out a wave to Sian and the Memorandum Mondayers and see what everyone else has been finding out this week.


helena said...

I find it so hard to change my clothes habits - usually my sister has a prominent role in any change I make. I'm the opposite of you - almost all plain colour. Love the look of that new dress. And yeah for the 5 foot and a bit brigade

Julie Kirk said...

I love patterned clothes too. "I wear patterns" has been part of my Twitter profile for the last 6 years! And I'm a veteran 'never pay full price' shopper too. [Hence my deep and abiding love of TK Maxx boots!]

New hair new you? I know my shorter hair shifted something in my head too ... like a clean slate. A chance to build a new look around my old one.

Have a great week ahead and thank you thank you thank you for all your wonderful words of support re: my possible foray into publishing! xx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

What a lovely dress, in a great colour. I'm a fan of White Stuff A line skirts and I never pay full price for anything either. It's handy having their outlet store not too far away. Although it involves a drive, which is probably a good thing. Enjoy experimenting with your new style.

Sian said...

What a great story this is to start the week with! It was meant for you. I'm a recent convert to White Stuff, having discovered, like you, that the tunics make great dresses. I have a green coat I love, and that's where my furry lined sneakers came from too. Health to wear with your new dress!

Louise H said...

I am a firm believer in the fact that if a bargain is still in a shop after a breathing space (too many impulse buys in the past!) then it is definitely meant to be mine. And that price was too good to miss (and no I wouldn't have paid £89 either - I would want several items for that amount!)

Patio Postcards said...

Well done you - great shopping finds. I like clothes but I am no fashionista & when I shop, anything has to go with at least 1 other outfit. I have only recently stopped accepting donations from one of my sister's closet cleanout - while she buys really lovely quality clothes our ages & tastes are SO different. I have never bought anything clothes wise online.

Alison said...

Can't wait to see it with the patterned trouser...THAT to me is VERY brave!....I only ever wear black trousers!! X

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the boost I get from new clothes.
I rarely shop for myself.