Monday 9 January 2017

Memorandum Monday

Thought for the day

As normally happens at the start of a new year, the press is full of what is, and what isn't, good for us and the more I hear, the more I realise that that old saying 'a little of what you fancy does you good' is more true than we realise.  You just need to make sure you put the emphasis on the word 'little'! 
I've written this post to join in with Sian in advance to publish on Monday morning because I won't be near a computer then as I will be

at the dentist 😢

Yes, that same dentist that text me on Christmas Day, emailed me on Boxing Day, made me feel guilty enough to make an appointment the following day, emailed me to confirm the appointment, and then text me on Friday to ask me to confirm that I hadn't forgotten I had an appointment today.  He's very keen to see me it would seem!  This will be my second visit to this dentist.  My previous surgery stopped offering NHS services and so I had to move to a brand new practice.  It's all very high tech, brand new building, super smart surgeries, all manner of services offered, on line booking and open 7 days a week.  Doesn't make me look forward to going any the more though - I'm a bit of a dentist phobic and it's only the fear of something going horribly wrong and causing me pain that makes me go every six months.  Let's hope all the biscuit eating hasn't taken its toll ... (Yes that tin in the photo is now empty)

There is something new going on today though - this is ...

... the first week of my new reduced hours which mean I don't have to work on a Monday any more!

Oh happy day.  And where better to spend  the beginning of that lovely extra day off?  Needless to say I have something much nicer planned for later on, lunch out with a friend!

I've also

signed up to Liberate Your Art 2017

Are you in too?  Check it out here.  I joined in last year and received some lovely postcards from all over the world.  It is so easy to do and costs very little, even for people not living in the US (people from 12 different countries took part last year) Kat makes it really easy to pay postage fees via paypal.  It's fun and you can interpret the word 'art' in so many ways. Don't be put off if you aren't an artist in the traditional sense and don't know one end of a paintbrush from another!  I'm concentrating on using photos that I have taken this year, but your art could be collages, sewing, knitting, words, scrapbook pages, cards - all you need is a little imagination!  Just look on it as releasing 'happy mail' out there and making new connections.


alexa said...

Despite the prospect of the dental visit, there is a whoosh of happy freedom in your post! Lovely way to begin the week :).

Patio Postcards said...

The Dentist - Oh not the way to start a morning, let alone the week but yes good to get it done. Hope your lunch was fun & nothing from the previous appt. kept you from enjoying a treat. Happy week ahead.

Sian said...

I can't get past a text from the dentist on CHristmas Day! There is something so not right about that. I hope by now it's all over and you are feeling that relief high which comes after a visit!

I'm wishing you all the very best with your new working arrangements. How nice to have a little more time to spend on liberating your art.

Jane said...

I hope your visit is ok, I need to book an appointment but keep putting it off!

Sandra said...

Let's skip over the horrid dentist bit and tell you how much I laughed at your card .... mainly as I was munchin on an Oreo at the time.

Ruth said...

Going to the dentist is a necessary evil ... and I'd be more than a little concerned about a dentist who sent me a text on Christmas Day!

Karen said...

The dentist is one of my least favorite places to go despite the fact that I have a wonderful dentist. I can't imagine him texting me to remind me of anything. I'm not sure what I'd think if he did! I hope your visit went well. I participated in Liberate Your Art for several years, and then passed last year. I haven't decided about it yet this year.