Monday 16 January 2017

Memos, mail and me

I knew that there'd be a twist in the tale for Sian's Memorandum Mondays in the new year.  And there was - the plan is to share our favourite piece of post from the previous week.  A great idea - except - this was probably the only week of the year that I didn't receive much post!  This was the week where the only mail addressed to me was a credit card bill (definitely not my favourite) and a bank statement.  Even Coco got more interesting mail than me - Pets at Home sent her some vouchers to spend on food.

Which makes me think that it's time more happy mail was circulating - but happy mail is not a one way street, in order to receive, you have to send so I have a cunning plan.  Last year I took part in Liberate your art and received these lovely cards through the post

I've signed up to take part again and am in the process of choosing my postcards to have printed.  Minimum print order is 20 and I only have to send 6 for the swap ... I think that's the perfect excuse for sending a few random 'hellos' through the post in the near future. 

I bet I'm the only person who only received boring post since Sian's Memos, Mail and Me idea, so I'll be popping over there to see what exciting things have dropped through the letter box for everyone else in the last week.  Surely I'm not the only one to only receive bank related items

But wait!

Look what's come through the post box
Now that's more like it !



Jane said...

this made me smile, I've had nothing through the post as well so I've been seriously thinking of buying myself something just so I had an interesting blog post!

Patio Postcards said...

Glad to see you have Won (col). I am sure my mail or lack there of being really useless & boring coupons would rival anyones. Happy week ahead.

Ruth said...

Yay for wins on the Premium Bonds!

Sian said...

Hurray! Just as I was about to say that we can always commiserate on bills just as well as cheer something nice. I'll be following your swap with interest: I'm always blown away by the loveliness and the work that goes into that one. It's mega.

Have a good week!

alexa said...

Hurrah for a little something nice in the post! I'd like one of those too :).

Sandra said...

Well done on the win, now that's exciting post