Tuesday 26 June 2018

Holiday shopping

Our holiday is getting closer now and I'm starting to make packing lists and gradually move clothes and toiletries into the spare bedroom ready to be packed.  

'Do you need anything else for the holiday?' my husband asked when I mentioned I was going into town yesterday.  'No, I've got everything I need' I replied.

And then I went into town.  And I just popped into Accessorize to see what they had in their sale.  And then I suddenly realised that maybe there was something else I 'needed'.  Well I mean, how could I resist this?

The perfect size to take out in the evenings, so pretty, and all those beads, mirrors, shells and tassels definitely make it a holiday bag.  And half price.  How could I resist?


Cheri said...

haha! Clearly, you couldn't resist. And why would you want to? So pretty!

Patio Postcards said...

Resistance is futile ... quoting the Borg from Star Trek. Such a pretty bag, you needed that.

Ruth said...

Resist? Why would you want to??