Saturday 21 July 2018

5 things my grandson taught me

You forget how long everything takes when you have to factor a small child into the equation and sometimes just setting foot outside the front door seems like a major achievement.  But there are some things that Leo does that I think we could all incorporate into our busy days.

  1. Take time to smell the flowers.  No trip round the garden should fail to include careful inspection of all the 'pretties'.  Just don't follow Leo's example of sometimes pulling off the flower heads to get a better view of them.
  2. Watch where you are going.  After all, there may be an ant on the pavement.  Check that path carefully in case there is something small and crawly down there. It does make even walking to the car from the front door quite an expedition but it's important to appreciate nature.
  3. Don't eat your dinner too quickly.  There's nothing worse for your digestion.  Of course, some people take this too literally and eat each grain of rice or pea individually, but you can't be too careful.
  4. Take time out to enjoy a nice leisurely bath.  There's nothing better than submerging yourself in warm, bubbly water.  Enjoy every minute and if someone tries to make you get out before you are ready - kick up a fuss, you'll possibly get a few more precious minutes.
  5. Read a book before bedtime.  A nice relaxing one.  Snuggle down in your PJs, have a glass of milk and when you're nice and sleepy, climb into bed and have a well deserved  nap.湘
Can you think of anything else we should re-introduce from our childhood?


Patio Postcards said...

Wisdom from children. I agree, we are often too busy rushing about to notice the little things going on in our lives, including ants.

Cheri said...

nap time! and coloring with abandon with colors that don't make "sense" and not worrying about the lines.

Leslie Roberts Clingan said...

My two year old grand is fascinated with bugs. Everything is a 'bee'. And she will spend many minutes inspecting a piece of lint trying to decide if it is a dead 'bee'. Love our babies.

Ruth said...

A sweet post - I think Leo has life sussed!