Thursday 14 March 2019

Looking back ...

I don't know if you know this, but there's another Deb's World in town!  Well, not in my town, she's about as far away from here as she possibly could be.  I've been following 'the other Deb' for a little while now and recently she did a link up post via Denyse's blog which I thought was really interesting and involved looking back through the decades.  Check out which one Deb chose for her favourite on her blog here!


It's my birthday today so this seems a good day to start looking back.  Boy have I got a lot of decades to choose from!  Let's start at the very beginning


I feel so ancient when I say that I was born in the 50s - it is SUCH a long time ago.  But let's be clear, I only saw 2 years at the end of the decade so I don't think they influenced me too much.  My parents certainly had their work cut out, they already had my sister, who was 8 when I arrived, and Mum's 98 year old Granny lived with them, plus they had a large black poodle who did not enjoy the attentions of a young toddler.  I arrived in March 1958, my mum used to recall that as she was being wheeled back into the maternity ward the news came on the nurse's radio that Grace Kelly had just given birth to a baby boy.  So I share my birthday with Albert II, Prince of Monaco.  I can't find any tiny baby photos at the moment, this is the one that seems the earliest.

Hardly changed a bit eh?

I think I was about 2 in the next one


I remember more about the 60s to be fair!  I had such a lovely childhood, holidays were always spent in Cornwall, in a resort called Looe. In my memory the days were long and sunny! 

"She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow pink polka dot bikini ..."

I even found a scrapbook page I once made of us all by the beach.  Of course those early black and white photos do not indicate just how red my hair was!

Even though this photo is in black and white, I can still visualise exactly the colours I was wearing.  White cardigan with a turquoise blue dress underneath.  Turquoise blue silk ribbon on those pin tucks.  Always had my hair in bunches, oh how I used to moan when mum was trying to get the rubber bands in.  The ribbon was a kind of seersucker texture and matched my dress exactly.  There were a lot of ribbons in a lot of colours, my mum loved coordination!

I went to the same primary school that my mum and my great grandmother did, it was part of our church buildings.  I thoroughly enjoyed my school days, such happy memories.  Health and Safety officials would not be impressed nowadays, I remember that when I was about 6, we would end the day sitting on the floor by the open fire - yes, you read that correctly an OPEN fire.  In a classroom of 20 six year olds!  My teacher was Miss Moon, who would read to us from the Paddington Bear books (I think that Paddington was also born in 1958!) and it was such a lovely way to end the school day.

I remember the excitement of the moon landing right at the end of the 60s, it certainly was a decade of change.  It was also the start of a whole new era for me, moving onto secondary school, which was the start of a great period in my life.

To be continued ...


Patio Postcards said...


Oh yes I had noticed that there was another Deb's World in town ...

What fun looking back, especially on your day of becoming. Other than height, you haven't changed on the outside very much - in the words of Mary Poppin - "perfect in every way".

Cannot wait to see the next decade - Deb as a teenager!

Ruth said...

Happy, happy birthday to you!!!
Thanks for sharing such sweet photos ... I'm also looking forward to the one of you as a teenager in the 1970s!

Barbara Eads said...

You were/are adorable!!

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday. No shame in being a child of the 50s. I got there before you in 1953. Things seemed much simpler then. I loved family holidays in Cornwall with my parents. I was thrilled to get my first wolf whistle there as a leggy teenager in a homemade wild psychedelic jungle print minidress, circa 1967. I’m looking forward to hearing about your teenage memories. said...

Happy birthday, sweet friend! I enjoyed this trip with you down Memory Lane. You were a cutie pie with your pig tails and red hair. Did your children have red hair when they were little?

Have you read and worked through the books by Julia Cameron? I have been working on It's Never Too Late To Begin Again for months. It is a quick read that I am taking forever to complete. One of the exercises in the book, if you haven't read it, is to write your memoirs for every 5 years of your life. That is been enjoyable and at times, painful. I need to get the book finished!!

How fun that you have found the other Deb's World blogger. Heading over now to read her blog post.

Cheri said...

Happy Birthday! I missed out on the 50's entirely, but was right behind you in 1961 and quite possibly have a lot of similar memories. Can't wait to see your next decade(s). The 70's were my fave!

Deb's World said...

Hi Deb! Thanks so much for linking to my post and it's great to connect with you on the other side of the world!! Happy belated birthday to you, I'm a few years behind but the way time is flying by I'll catch up pretty quickly! It was so interesting to read of your decades and to see a glimpse into your life. Looking forward to next instalments.