Monday 7 September 2020

A change in plan

 We thought we had this weekend planned out.  We thought we would be celebrating the fact that it was 40 years ago that we were newlyweds

Thank goodness we hadn't planned a big party; all we had done was booked to go out for a meal at a really nice pub restaurant near us, but it wasn't to be.  As in the early hours of Saturday I spent more time in the bathroom than I did in my bed and it became obvious that little Rosie had given me an early anniversary present of norovirus.  She had been poorly in the middle of last week but we thought she was over it by the time I spent time with her on Thursday afternoon - we were wrong!  As not only was I being ill on my side of town, her mummy and brother were being very ill on their side too!  Oh boy did I feel rough. The celebrations will have to wait - we are going away for a few days later this week and hopefully I will be feeling back on form by then.

Fortunately Leo was feeling better in time for his first 'day' at school.  Which was really only an hour in which to meet his teacher, get to see what the classroom looked like, for his mum to chat with the teacher and discover that the little symbol that he would see wherever his name was would be a ladybird (his favourite insect) and his colour group would be red (his favourite colour) so all things considered, he came home a very happy boy.  He goes back again next Monday and Tuesday mornings, covid has meant a very gradual introduction to his 'bubble'!

So if we're going away in a few days time, it is surely time for me to start making lists.  Something new to add to the mix this year, how many masks will we need for a 5 day stay?


Ruth said...

How awful for you! I do hope you're feeling much better and are fully able to enjoy your few days away (good idea to wait until the children are (hopefully) back at school :) ).

PS: you both look so young!

alexa said...

Oh no! So sorry to read this ... Hope you'll be feeling better enough for your few days away and you'll be able to celebrate together happily then. I think it must be a hazard that grandparents encounter; a visit from our own Little Miss (complete with cold from nursery) has left me sneezing and blowing my nose for a week. Glad that the start at school was so positive - it's a very hard time for little ones to be starting, I think. Sending healing energy :).

Patio Postcards said...

Oh not the way to celebrate a milestone anniversary (40 is the ruby anniversary). It shows us how easily viruses are passed. That is such a lovely wedding photo - ah the memories.

I imagine face masks, hand sanitizer & wipes will take up most of the luggage room for your upcoming overnight ...

Maggie said...

Congratulations to you both and what a shame you were poorly. Norovirus is a horrible bug and it’s occurrence not unsurprisingly dropped during lockdown but I am sure now with people out and about and children at school and nursery it will increase again. It’s also worth remembering in a culture where we have become dependent on hand sanitizers that they don’t kill norovirus.