Thursday 17 September 2020

Mr Blue Sky

 The weather was absolutely glorious for our last full day on the South coast and fortunately that was the day that we had planned to visit a beach.  

We had booked a late Sunday lunch at a pub that was recommended by the owner of the house we were staying in so knew we had until 4pm to explore.  We started the day by walking around Chichester itself, but our timing wasn't great as there was a service going on in the Cathedral so we had to content ourselves with just viewing it from the outside.

I always smile when I see gargoyles on old buildings, I don't think this one is an original from when the cathedral was built in 1075 because he looks a little bit like a minion 😂

We then drove down to Chichester Marina which ended up being so much bigger than we were expecting - so many boats!  It can berth up to 1000 boats and it looked pretty full on Sunday.  It's a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and it was easy to spend time there, watching the boats go through the lock on onwards out to sea and then walking around a wooded area.

But the beach was calling and we headed off to The Witterings.  We had been told by someone we met at the windmill that everyone heads for West Wittering and even though you have to pre book parking before you go to restrict numbers, there can be a build up of traffic on sunny weekends.  So he recommended going to East Wittering, then walking along the beach.  It was a good plan!  It was so nice on the beach, it wasn't crowded at all and we enjoyed watching people kite surfing - boy I bet that is difficult to do!

By now all the sea air had given us an appetite and we headed back up the coast to Dell Quay for our Sunday lunch booking.  

It was so delicious, (I had grilled sea bass on a bed of sea vegetables {mostly samphire which I love} with roasted new potatoes in garlic with a lemon and pepper butter) we absolutely cleared our plates!  We had a table by the window looking across the bay, and it was the perfect end to a lovely holiday.


Leslie Roberts Clingan said...

Your photography is so impressive. The perspective in the first photo is so inviting, beckons the viewer into the picture. Beautiful. Your dinner has me longing for fresh seafood here in the desert. What a wonderful day to wrap up your vacation.

Ruth said...

Now that sounds like a perfect kind of day! :)

Patio Postcards said...

What perfect day. It looks like that minion gargoyle has been turned into a water sprout. Nice to get local recommendations for a less stressful walk on the beach & a good place to eat. I putting samphire down as my learn something new today!

alexa said...

Ahhh, how lovely ... Such pretty photos - you've really made me want to visit the area. Poor gargoyle, with his mouth stuff full of lead piping :(. Your meal sounds delicious - glad you've had such a lovely time and wonderful weather.

Susanne said...

That does sound like a splendid way to wrap up your trip. Lovely photos. Now I need to investigate what samphire might be? I wonder if it is something I have had, but by another name or something completely different.