Tuesday 15 September 2020

Holidaying close to home

 I am pleased to report that my 'capsule wardrobe' for our trip ended up being very good and only one outfit didn't get worn, that was the one I added just in case we had a chilly day and that wasn't needed so good news all round!

We really enjoyed our trip, and were so lucky with the weather (always a concern when holidaying in the UK!) The Airbnb house we had rented was very comfortable and clean and in a perfect location for exploring the area.  

It was a Georgian house dating from about 1800 so lots of character and built over four floors so plenty of exercise going up and down the stairs!

We had needed to do a bit of research before we went regarding where we wanted to visit as due to Covid we needed to pre-book everywhere we wanted to go but the benefit of that meant that we knew that we would be able to get in to wherever we went and there would be no queues.

High on our list of places to visit was Arundel Castle which dates back to 1067.

It is still the home of the Duke of Norfolk and because of that, only part of the castle is open to the public.  Can you imagine living somewhere like this? The grounds were really beautiful.

A lot of the structures in the garden that looked as if they were stone were actually carved from wood.  It really was a fascinating garden to wander around.

The village of Arundel is really quaint, there is a lot to see there including a cathedral so it was a lovely place to spend our first day.  According to my phone, I clocked up 16,783 steps on Friday - no wonder I slept so well that night!  



Susanne said...

Oh it looks like a wonderful place to explore. Did you have dreams of being the queen in the castle? Congrats on the just right packing job.

Tamara said...

I read this in my mind with a proper English accent, and it was delightful from start to finish!

Ruth said...

That rented house looks gorgeous - did you have all of it? How concerned were you re cleanliness? Did you take your own bedding and towels? I like the idea of Airbnb, but The Brainy One is not keen.

Arundel looks lovely - I've never been, so should put it on my must visit list.

Chuckling at Tamara's comment ... :)

Patio Postcards said...

What a fantastic way to holiday. Wasn't Arundel used in Downtown Abbey as Lady Edith's new home & wasn't the Duke Norfolk a naughty sort during the reign of Henry VIII ... oh the history!

♥ Liz ♥ said...

What a lovely place to visit. I'm glad you enjoyed your time away.

onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com said...

What a magnificent AirBnB!! Wow. I thought the little RV we stayed in had character. Cannot imagine seeing castles, especially castles from a thousand years ago. Have to find a way to get to Great Britain and the isles before I am too much older.

Barbara Eads said...

I'm going to have to add Arundel to my list for places to visit whenever I can get back there! We had a trip planned this year that had to be cancelled. We're waiting for things to open up. Not sure we want to fly quite yet.

alexa said...

Well done on the packing! (I am afraid I took three items which I never wore.) Your break looks wonderful - what a splendid castle and grounds.