Saturday 31 October 2020

A sentence a day in October

 Another month bites the dust! Spoiler alert, there's ups, there's downs, and then right at the last minute it does not end well ...

Day 1 Zumba! The new patio area is finished and we are so pleased with it, now all we need is a dry warm day to go out and enjoy sitting on it.

Day 2 Today is not that day ... it rained non stop all day!  

Day 3 Started decorating the lounge, am finding little speckles of white gloss paint in random places on my clothes.

Day 4 Rachel and family came for Sunday lunch - with an unhappy Rosie who had squished her finger in the bathroom door before they came #beginningofahorrendousweek

Day 5 An early morning visit to A&E confirmed that Rosie has broken her finger!

Day 6 Looked after Rosie for the day, being ultra careful with her poor finger

Day 7 Looked after Max, was a lovely day so spent a lot of it outdoors at the park or feeding the ducks

Day 8 Anxiety ridden trip to the dental hygienist, Rosie back at hospital to have her nail pierced to release a massive blood blister, then Rosie's doctor rang to say he wants her to go to A&E at a different hospital where they have a plastic surgeon for their opinion on what needs to be done - they were at the hospital from 4.15pm to 11pm so we had an unexpected guest (Leo) for a sleepover Day 9 #longestsentenceever

Day 9 An anxious day where Rosie had her operation to have her nail removed, damage to the nail bed repaired and the broken bone inspected, another night with our sleepover guest.

Day 10 Jon and Max popped over to see us and then Rachel and Rosie turned up to say hello - was lovely to see the cousins together, Indian takeaway at friends in the evening

Day 11 A Sunday to ourselves - there may have been an afternoon nap taken by one of us #itwasme

Day 12 Rosie pulled her bandages off so an early morning trip (5am) to the hospital for her and her mum!

Day 13 An anxious day of childminding Rosie and worrying about her hurting herself

Day 14 My sister popped in for a chat while I was looking after Max

Day 15 New carpet delivered - who will be the first to spill something on it? #whoeveritiswillbeintrouble

Day 16 New chairs delivered, now the fun begins of finding new cushions and throws to accessorise the room!

Day 17 Went to friends for an Indian takeaway - discovered they have just put their house on the market so will be moving away.

Day 18 A quiet day, just the two of us, a nice long dog walk to start the day off well.

Day 19 Caught up with chores, popped into town to collect new cushions for the new chairs - the lounge is now officially complete!

Day 20 Childminding day - plus Coco went to the groomers so is looking particularly pretty.

Day 21 Our day for caring for Max, Coco's pristine white fur no longer pristine due to torrential rain during morning walk, meal out with friends in the evening (have to make the most of going out while we can!)

Day 22 So very tired - Coco had us up twice in the night to go out into the garden, she is not in our good books today!  Not sure how I survived Zumba when all I wanted to do was catch up on my sleep, but I did and even kept awake during my haircut.

Day 23 Invited to friends for a cup of tea in the afternoon - even Coco was included in the invitation which made her very happy.

Day 24 Went to a small local garden centre for inspiration on what to plant around the new patio area, bought a tree which only just fitted in the car!

Day 25 Clocks went back an hour so we are officially no longer in British Summer Time - both our children realised that when you are a parent, this never means you get an extra hour in bed!

Day 26 Another day another garden centre! 

Day 27 Childminding for Rosie and Leo, made some cupcakes - and quite a mess.

Day 28 Childminding Max who enjoyed 'helping' Grandad in the garden planting some of the plants we bought on Monday.

Day 29 Decided to have a tidy up of the toys we have accumulated for when we have the grandchildren over for the day, updating them and donating a few which are not played with to the local charity shop.

Day 30 Someone gave us a bag of cooking apples so I used a few to make Mary Berry's Spiced Dorset Apple Traybake which came out of the oven just in time to have a warm slice while we had a cup of tea - Coco went on a sleepover to our daughter's house while we had a takeaway with two other couples.

Day 31 Awaiting confirmation that the whole of England is about to go back into a month of lockdown 😭

On that depressing thought, let's have a roundup in video form of what we did while we had a little bit of freedom 

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alexa said...

That's a very varied month full of alarms and excursions, as my Granny used to say! Hoping that all is getting satisfactorily better with that poor finger ... Your patio looks lovely. I know it may not get much use in the winter but come the first blink of warm sun in Spring, you'll have a lovely space to sit in, all nicely ready. You're a brilliant grandmother, putting up with the mess so he can have the satisfaction of baking and eating :).

Barbara Eads said...

Another month full of activities. I love your new carpet--can't wait to see the rest of it when you are finished. Your garden is lovely! Poor Rosie. I hope her finger heals quickly. I had heard from my book club friend about y'all going back in to lockdown. We probably should, but no one is making that decision yet. At least we all know how to do it now!

Wildflower Adventures said...

A very nice patio area. It's always good to hear about Grand's activities. Sounds like a very sore finger. Ouch! Covid cases are currently on the rise in my area.

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Poor Rosie! Must have been frightening for her. Your lounge looking good. Nice to get the patio done ahead of spring next year.

Patio Postcards said...

A busy month. I like your raised deck in the back of the garden - a lovely place to go sit & get a new perspective of the garden. Oh poor Rosie, I do hope that now the finger is well on the way to mending.

Natasha said...

I love your new deck and your lounge. I'm so sorry to hear about Rosie's finger and I hope she's doing better now. And I'm also sorry you're heading into lock down again :( That's hard.

Joanne said...

Oh my goodness; that is quite a month. So sorry to hear about Rosie's finger. I do love your new carpet though.

Ruth said...

What a full and varied month - the saga of poor Rosie's finger is horrible. It also seems to rain here as soon as Tilly has been to the groomer!

Natalie said...

I hope Rosie's finger has healed well and she's feeling much better. Your patio and new carpet look great. #sentenceaday

Deb's World said...

It's lovely to see your projects getting finished around the house Deb! Lots going on with the grandchildren by the sounds of things, I hope they are all well now. I feel for you going back into lockdown again, my daughter isn't looking forward to it either but hopefully it will have some impact on your cases. Take care and all the best for November.

Susanne said...

Hope little Rosie is truly on the mend, that sounded like quite an ordeal. Good luck on the lockdown. At least you have a fun puff ottoman to put your feet up on - loved it!