Monday 19 October 2020

Statistically speaking


Well, we are now officially part of the national statistics that we hear about on the Government briefings!

We received a letter inviting us to be part of a volunteer group who would have a test even though we have no symptoms.  The theory being that it gives a truer picture to also test those without symptoms rather than just test those who do.  I had no hesitation in agreeing to take part, in fact I am rather grateful to be tested because if I do carry the virus and am asymptomatic, it is the best interests of everyone I come into contact with to be aware of it.  Someone came to our house yesterday for the initial visit so we have taken our first test and then we will have one a week for the next month, then one a month for the next 11 months. 

Friends of ours had an unexpected wake up call in the early hours of Sunday.  Three police officers checking to make sure they were isolating after returning back from Spain last week!  Our friend's husband had received a text message asking for confirmation that they were isolating, but as it came from an unknown number, he assumed it was a spam message and ignored it.  So that obviously put them on a checking list and what's the best time to find out if someone is staying home?  4.30am apparently!  But it is good to know that people are being checked and the moral to the story is, check if a message is spam rather than just ignore it!

So in the last few days the county next to us went up a tier of restrictions and I'm wondering how long it will be before we are added to that list as well.  We are quite literally on the border line between counties, the river that runs through our town is the county border!  Better make the most of going out and seeing friends while we can!  Not that we do that a lot, but we have just got back into the luxury of being able to see other people (from a safe distance of course!)

Last week went by in the blink of an eye with new carpets and two new armchairs being delivered and so with the indoors looking fresh and new we can turn our attention to adding some planting to the garden.  Today's plan is to go to a garden centre nearby and buy some spring flowering bulbs and maybe a couple of plants to put in pots on the new patio area.  It will be nice to spend some time in the fresh air as I feel that with one thing or another, we have been confined to barracks recently either waiting for deliveries or looking after children!  

Keep safe everyone!


Ruth said...

How interesting to be part of a national ONS test/survey! And good to know that checks are in fact being made on those who are supposed to be self-isolating ... but perhaps not at 04.30! I'd have thought the daylight hours would be a more realistic time to check in on someone.

alexa said...

Lovely to read all your news, even if your friend being woken at 4.30 a.m. is a bit alarming. (Not quite sure how they could determine self-isolating at that time in the morning - wouldn't it have been better to try the afternoon, for example, when he should have been at home if he was isolating?). That looks like an extensive testing programme ... I was part of a one-off survey earlier in the summer to detect whether I had any Covid antibodies (I didn't). Hoping it feels reassuring and is helpful to you. Getting out and about in the garden sounds like a good plan - there's something very hopeful about planting bulbs for Spring. Hoping you continue to enjoy your new-look home and have a great week :).

Patio Postcards said...

I like that there's such an intense study for COVID in your region. We are part of the daily online check in of how we feel. Areas to the east of us are all moving to modified stage 2 of restrictions, no in dining to be done, not gyms, no strip clubs. Friends returned from a business trip & they had both provincial & federal in person check ups on them, done at random times. I am thankful it's been done.

Yeah to new chairs & now potential pretty flowers to enjoy. said...

Do you get daily or weekly updates as to the numbers of positive cases in your area? We do for our city, every morning. I had moved away from checking the numbers but now that we are breaking all records for positive cases, I find myself unable to do much of anything until I have seen the latest numbers. 555 new cases this morning in El Paso. Over 4,000 last week. I am exhausted with this.

Good for you to participate in the study! Sounds like things are being ratcheted up a notch there, too. Those with positive test results here must cooperate with contact tracing. Or risk being fined.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

Hubby got asked to do a test way back when testing first began but he opted out as he said they needed the test for those with symptoms and those working for the NHS who couldn't get a test.
A 4.30am spot check sounds a little alarming. Maybe they should have the name of the caller/texter in future and more people would reply!!
Hope you got some nice plants for your patio :0)

Barbara Eads said...

Glad to know that your country is taking the virus more seriously. I'd be happy if everyone just wore their masks! Can't waIt to see your home improvements including your garden! Pictures please!