Wednesday 28 October 2020

What's your style?

 Well, we went to the garden centre on Monday and I knew they would be full to the rafters of Christmas decorations as well as all the plants and shrubs.  But I think that their idea of interior design may be slightly more flamboyant to mine.

This model village display is wonderful to see, but I don't think we'll be able to replicate it with our small collection of Duplo.

Maybe we should go for a safari scene.  I mean, nothing says Christmas like a life-size tiger in your lounge does it?

Oh that's more like it, polar bears and penguins, a pretty snowy scene.  I'm not quite sure how Coco would like it if we brought home an 8ft animated polar bear to sit in the lounge.  To be honest, the penguin was about her size and I think that would have terrified her too!

Lovely to look at, but none of them made it home with us and while we may upgrade our Christmas tree this year, I think I'll be sticking with our very traditional Christmas decor again this year!


Patio Postcards said...

What fun to look at the different displays & think how can we incorporate "that" into our style, or not. I think that many businesses are counting on people going all out for Christmas this year both in the decorating & gift giving because I am sure more lockdown restrictions will be in place by then.

alexa said...

Those displays are a bit 'whoa!' to the eye at first. At least they helped to refine what you didn't want :). I'm divided between thinking that Christmas in general will be a quiet affair and thinking that it will be extra glitzy. I can imagine there might be more houses putting decoration and lighting outside this year.

Ruth said...

I do love an over-the-top Christmas display, but where on earth would you store it all. Me, I'll stick to enjoying the flamboyant displays in the windows of stores in the West End. :)

♥ Liz ♥ said...

I love the display2 in our local garden centre but like you feel that that is the best place for them. I'll stick to my tree and a few lights :0) said...

I live in the land of overly extravagant Christmas decor but even for us these displays are over the top. Poor Coco would be a bit intimidated, I am afraid.

My kitties love the Christmas tree. One of them lays beneath it the entire holiday season. I think she thinks she's in the park. At least that's what we say when she is hiding amid the packages under the tree.