Saturday 10 October 2020

What a week

 I have been somewhat missing in action this week and apologise for not being up to date with blog reading and commenting.  It has not been a good week for any of us but especially Rosie who got her finger caught in a door on Sunday morning.

This week has involved two doctors appointments, two accident and emergency appointments at our local hospital, one accident and emergency trip to a different hospital 45 mins drive away and one urgent operation.

The only person benefitting from all this was Leo who had two unexpected sleepovers at Nanny and Grandad's house!

Poor little Rosie, and poor little Rosie's mum who was the person who shut the door and is suffering horrendous Mummy guilt even though we all know how quickly accidents like this can happen even to the most careful of families.  

I definitely won't be sharing any of the photos as they are pretty horrible but what first seemed like 'just' a broken finger soon escalated into something worse and she eventually had surgery to remove her finger nail, repair the nail bed and check out the break which thankfully didn't require a pin.

So it's been pretty traumatic here, but she's home again now, with a bandaged hand that looks like a boxing glove (perfect for bashing your brother over the head) and has just accepted the fact that she can't use it and eating and playing with her left hand.  Leo enjoyed his couple of nights with us, we have had very little sleep either due to anxiety or having a small boy sleeping in the same room tossing and turning all night but after a good night's sleep I'm hoping I'll be back in blog land properly again next week!

6 comments: said...

Oh, my sweet friend, I am so sorry. I know all of you have just been heartsick about Rosie's accident and surgery. What a resilient little one to just take up using her left hand. Great job, Rosie. Hope she will mend very well and soon be boxing glove-bandage-free.

We have tried to have Lucia spend the night twice and both times, wound up calling Lauren and Francisco to come fetch her, she was so distraught. Poor little one. She would like to try again but I am not sure we are up to a sleepless night trying to get her situated. Maybe once Camila is old enough to come, too.

I am so sorry about your baby girl, and her mum and all the ordeal of the week. Praying you can rest some Sunday and enjoy a less hectic week coming.

Patio Postcards said...

On my goodness, that is awful for poor wee Rosie. I am sure your daughter is going to beat on herself for this accident, so sending along some hugs for her too. I am sure you are all thankful for the NHS & being that they were able to get all things done quickly. Thinking on the positive side, this could maybe help Rosie develop being totally comfortable with left or right hand use.

alexa said...

Oh goodness, what a trauma for you all in different ways ... Little Rosie will probably not remember much in the years to come, but Mum certainly will :(. Hoping there is healing all round and that you too can settle into a gentler week with lots of self-care. How wonderful you were there for Leo :).

Ruth said...

What a horrible thing to happen - here's hoping that Rosie recovers quickly and that Mum is able to let go of her guilt. x

Maggie said...

Oh dear. Poor Rosie. These things happen so easily but I’m sure her mum does feel bad. I’m sure it has all been very worrying and painful. Thank goodness it didn’t amputate any of her finger ( sorry typical ex nurse, always thinks of the worst scenario.) I am sure you would rather have Leo in happier circumstances.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

Oh my gosh. I have just caught up with your blog. I hope Rosie is on the mend and that mum has stop giving herself a hard time.