Friday 9 June 2023

Capel Manor

I had my first proper outing since my op yesterday - it was such a glorious afternoon and so lovely to be out of the house!  I had hoped to tick off at least one of the Summer Scavenger Hunt categories and the gardens did not disappoint, in fact there were so many white flowers I am spoilt for choice!

Quite apart from being an interesting place to visit, Capel Manor is one of London's leading environmental colleges.  It was first owned by Sir William Capel in 1486 who was at one point Lord Mayor of London.  

The rules and regulations for the workers in 1800 were pretty strict, woe betide anyone who turned up for work on a Monday wearing a dirty shirt or unlaced shoes! Or how about number 21 ‘neglecting to do a job after having been told of it the sound time’? Click on the photo for a close up detail of the rules.

It isn't a huge place to visit; we were there about an hour and a half and walked around it all, but it was so well maintained and peaceful.  Hard to believe that the M25 is not far away!  Interesting too to see the college students hard at work in the various gardens and greenhouses.

Strange that we had never been here before, it is just 10 mins from where Paul's parents lived and only 35 mins from home for us.  Definitely a nice open place for my first excursion!


Patio Postcards said...

Absolutely beautiful - what a discovery. I chuckled at the rules, some of which I really would like us to require now in open spaces, especially #24 (no bad language). Oh some many beautiful white flowers.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

It looks lovely and what a great day you had weather wise too. Perfect for your first outing.