Monday 12 June 2023

Me on a Monday

 I wouldn't be British if I didn't start this post by mentioning the weather.  Wow!  What a scorching weekend!  Suddenly all the summer clothes came out of hiding - it was 30 degrees here yesterday and it was lovely to eat all our meals on the patio.  I'm so pleased we had the awning fitted last year, it's provided some very welcome shade over the patio table and chairs.

We ended last week on a slightly embarrassing note.  Paul's cousin sent us an invitation to a garden party on Friday evening.  As a more 'senior' member of the family they often have a family get together in the summer but now I come to think of it, the invitation is normally by phone or text, not a proper invitation card.  It wasn't until we got there that it became apparent that it was a 'big' birthday garden party and apart from bringing a bottle of wine, we had arrived empty handed!  When we said the 'we wish we had known it was a celebration rather than just a get together' they said, 'but it said it on the invitation'.  At which point someone else caught in the same way said 'I don't think it did' and produced the invitation from his back pocket.  No mention of birthdays or the number 75 at all!  

So as you can see, I am now cautiously re-entering the world and having carefully avoided any situations where I may come into contact with a germy person, guess whose husband woke up with a cold on Saturday?  Hmm ...

The week is not starting well for Coco who has a check up on her heart at the vets this afternoon - shh don't tell her, it'll spoil her day.

I think I'm getting back in normal routines this week, but I thought that last week and then Rosie got chicken pox so I'm assuming nothing.

One thing that I will definitely be doing today is finishing my book.  I am enjoying it so much.  This has brought out all the emotions in me and I completely fell in love with the main character.  Molly the maid is a kind, sweet innocent soul who sees the world in a different way to many others.  Obsessive with cleaning and a stickler for routine, she is the perfect maid for a high end hotel. She has problems reading body language and takes every comment quite literally.  This unfortunately makes her very vulnerable to people who people who will take advantage of her.  It does not cross her mind that everybody does not tell the truth and she ends up in the middle of a nightmare where she is accused of a crime which she surely could never have committed.  

My only dilemma is, how do I find another book to follow this one?  


Patio Postcards said...

Let's hope Paul's cold doesn't get shared with you!

Wasn't that odd but certainly a funny story about the invitation. Let's go with that at age 75 it is more about the presence of friends than presents from friends. :)

Fingers crossed all goes well with Coco's appointment.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

At least you weren't the only one caught out by the invitation. And you didn't go empty had wine!
Hope Coco's appointment went well. Are we allowed to mention it now? :0)
I hope you find a good book soon. I'm reading The War memoirs of Major Dick Winters. He of Band of Brothers. It really makes you appreciate all they did in WW11 so we can have the life we have today. Not everybody's cup of tea but a really good read.

Ruth said...

I listened to The Maid when it was Book of the Week on Radio 4 and enjoyed it very much. :) Have you tried Lessons in Chemistry? I'm currently recommending it to everyone I know!

Awkward re the party gathering - no one likes to turn up almost empty-handed. I hope Coco's check up went well?

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Hope all went well for Coco, and you haven't caught the cold or anything worse!
The Maid sounds good. You may also enjoy Strange Sally Diamond by Liz Nugent as it has a similar vibe and wonderful lead character.
It's unfortunate that the sunny weather may not hold for Sunday - I had planned a summer lunch for Father's Day in the garden!

Barbara Eads said...

I read The Maid and loved it! I hate that there are people who take advantage of such innocents. I'm certain that by now you have come up with another great read. said...

So glad you have begun to rejoin the world. Glad for your awning and pleasant place to be. I have enjoyed our patio more this year than ever before. Trying to make breakfast on the patio an almost daily event.

The Maid sounds so good. Thank you for sharing. I was watching some kind of series on TV about a maid and enjoyed it very much until it became pretty far-fetched and unbelievable. I have Audible credits so will download/upload The Maid and begin it straight away.