Friday 23 July 2010

Friday Fun

For anyone with even a smidgeon of Welsh blood in them! Or anyone that fancies hearing a Welsh take on the Big Apple:


Maria Ontiveros said...

Too funnny!!!

humel said...

Brilliant!! And I do have a smidgeon of Welsh blood in me, but I'd love it anyway :-) (I typed that with the strongest Welsh accent ever....)

Amy said...

Fabulous Deb :-)

Just wanted to let you know that on my screen your blog is loading half of your usual template and half of something else??? I meant to mention it earlier in the week but forgot - I'm not sure if I should break into - Yay! What a great new template or oops .... what's going on? lol! It is as if it wants to go to the lovely yellow and blue but just can't quite make it.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Brilliant...I'm born & bred Herefordian, so technically English, but definitely have more than a smidgeon of Welsh blood in my veins!!! Growing up, Newport was a regular shopping destination & it used to have a huge C&A which was impressive back in the 70's!!!! Thanks for sharing...look you!!! (also typed with a pseudo welsh accent!!)