Sunday 11 July 2010

Layouts 1 & 2

I took full advantage of having a whole day's worth of scrapbooking time and got the first two layouts of the Shimelle class made.
For the first one, I used a photo of the flowers in my garden that I took during the week, laying on the newly chemicalled lawn - shooting skywards (not a position I normally adopt whilst photographing flowers!) and thought that it would go nicely with a photo taken whilst enjoying a refreshing glass of wine in our friends' garden a couple of weekends ago. They always have a bottle (or two) chilling in the fridge, ready for guests so when you ask what time you should arrive, it's always 'Wine O'clock' - hence the title!
For the second one I used a photo taken in Portugal last month. I had remembered my lessons in looking for groups of three, and loved the look of this beautiful tree blossom against the sky and the gorgeous green tiles of this building in Lagos. Which just happened to have 3 windows conveniently placed ;-) Without realising it, I had also followed the rule of looking above eye level for a photo! I tried so hard to keep this layout clean and simple although every fibre of my being was shouting 'Embellishment' ' Glitter' 'More papers' 'More stuff' . See how restrained I can be when I'm trying to do as I'm told?
Now, I don't have photoshop so not sure how I will get on with the 3rd layout but I have my newly installed Picasa to play with so watch this space....


scrappyjacky said...

They've turned out really well,Deb.

Maria Ontiveros said...

These are both wonderful! I love the title on the first one; what a clever way to use you flower photo sort of as an embellishment of the "visiting" photo.
I always love travel photography and your "blossom" layout is very striking.
I'm skipping the PSE lesson (don't have PSE) myself.

Sian said...

Wine O'clock? That's a classic, I have to remember that one!

I think Picasa is great, it's about as much technology as I can handle.

humel said...

Wine o'clock sounds great to me!! Both layouts are fab, Deb, and the second one is perfect just as it is - no extra embellishment needed xx