Thursday 29 September 2011

Blogging badly

I've been a bit of an absent blogger recently, and haven't even had much time for reading many other blogs.  I had a day where Blogger refused to let me leave comments on other people's blogs and that annoyed me - so to teach it a lesson I didn't even try the next day.  I think this is where the expression 'cutting off one's nose to spite one's face' comes from.  I don't think Blogger minded, or even noticed, that I was missing in action.
I haven't even been looking at the LSNED prompts that are languishing in my inbox - if anyone sees my scrapping mojo please turn it round and send it back home pronto! 
I think a part of it is that it is absolutely manic at work at the moment, the first half term after the long holidays always is, it takes time to get over a six week absence!  I've taken on a few new roles which involve a lot of work on Publisher and whilst it is fun to design and work on newsletters and Open Evening prospectuses, it's a lot of concentration.    By the time I get home I just don't feel in a creative frame of mind after spending the previous 7 hours slaving over a hot computer. 
But I need to give myself a cold shower and wake myself up ready for the new crop on Saturday.  I have 10 photos printed out ready for the two layouts and I've made up my kit for swapping with a fellow scrapper once we get there.  I've got my bag of supplies ready and my google map printed off so I don't get lost! 
And just to end the week on a high note, there is a charity fund raising event at school tomorrow and the Sixth Form are selling Krispy Kreme donuts to raise funds.  So it looks like it will be compulsory donut eating for me tomorrow {well it is for charity after all} - hopefully the sugar rush will boost my energy levels and get the scrapping juices flowing again!


scrappyjacky said...

Mr Blogger most certainly has a mind of his own!!
I'm not surprised you don't want to go on the computer after 7 hours of it at work...but I'm sure the crop will get you all inspired again.

Jo.C said...

Other than the publisher comment you seem to have described my life. Hope we get our mojo back soon :0)

alexa said...

How frustrating! and seven hours in and out of Publisher is a lot of work - not surprised sitting down in front of another is hard! The crop sounds fun - what a great idea to make and swap a kit!

Denise said...

If it makes you feel any better,I'm only just looking at sorting the photos out-haven't sorted a kit and the car isn't back yet! Enjoy your donuts and am looking forward to catching up Saturday :-)

Heather said...

Ugh blogger is a complete pain & its about time they got it sorted!! I wonder if my mojo has met up with yours somewhere because mine has been AWOL for weeks :(
Have a great weekend xx

humel said...

I've missed you - but oh boy, do I ever understand! Not long till half term now.... xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love Mel's idea of Blogger Amnesty when the rest of the world gets too overwhelming!

Anonymous said...

What a naughty little blogger I have had this week too. It randomly deleted all my google reader posts and another day left me unable to comment on posts. Have fun eating all those donuts!

WendyB said...

The donuts sound fun but not the 7 hours on Publisher :-( Maybe my mojo is with yours somewhere too.

Sian said...

Compulsory donut eating - now I do like the sound of that!

My blog reading has been curtailed by an unreliable internet this week - and I've noticed that blogger seems to be eating my comments. I type one out and then it disappears. Not funny..

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