Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Playing catch up

Oh dear, one minute I was up to date with Shimelle's LSNED pages and the next I was 4 days behind!  We had a particularly busy few days in between and I am determined to catch up and do another page this evening.  For day 10 I produced this
It makes it look as if she has a really long tongue but actually she arrived with a nice pink fleece blanket and that is what she is chewing on! 
She really is adorable and now she (and my daughter) has moved to her proper home, it seems very strange without her.
I'm trying to keep to the themes of the days that Shimelle is showing in her prompts but some are easier to find things to fit with than others.  How is everyone else doing?  Are you sticking to the prompts or just doing your own thing?


WendyB said...

She is adorable isn't she and the page looks fab. Are you tempted to go out and get yourself a little puppy?

Amy said...

Mostly I am doing my own thing but I find quite a few of the pages do fit the daily theme.

alexa said...

Lovely photo and glad you explained about the blanket/tongue! Not keeping up as much as I would like, and reading the prompts but letting them mulch down - I'm sometimes on the theme, sometimes off it!

Sian said...

It sorts of sneaks up on you, doesn't it? I thought I was ahead too. But that was then..

Alison said...

I am most definately doing my own reading the prompts, but just don't have the time to really think about them:(
Alison xx