Saturday 24 September 2011

Finished Scavenging!

Well, I have ticked off as many items on Rinda's list as I can and have the following pics to submit :

Number 18 was a tough one to find, but my husband and I spent a while in Southwold yesterday and today and when we arrived at the hotel, the handyman was outside painting the trellis work on the patio area, I couldn't believe my luck!  I didn't manage to get all 21 unfortunately, the unicycle eluded me completely, even though friends offered to help me cheat!  I have a friend whose nephew owns a unicycle and she offered to email me a photo of him with it, but I wasn't comfortable in adding that one, I feel that it was MY scavenger hunt and I was the only one who could find the items.  The other one I am missing is the roadside memorial.  Fortunately there are not many of these around where I am and the only one I know of is in memory of a boy that my son knew and I really didn't feel comfortable in deliberately driving up to that place just to photograph something that is still so painful for his parents.
So there it is - Scavenger Hunt completed!  It's been such fun and I'm really pleased that Rinda organised it for us all!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Great job Deb! I am amazed by how many you (and others) were able to find. As you know, my unicycle find (with the other Deb) was complete and total serendipity. That's one of the joys of summer, I think, you never know when a pirate or someone on a unicycle is just going to appear!
Thanks so much for playing along,

Sian said...

Gosh, that's certainly more than I got :) It has been a lot of fun alright and I am already looking forward to the New Years version already.

scrappyjacky said...

Great job,Deb.....and it certainly has been fun.