Saturday 17 September 2011

Easily distracted

On waking this morning the plan was:

  1. Go into town to do big weekly shop
  2. Come home, have coffee and watch Saturday Kitchen
  3. Make homemade soup for lunch
  4. Blitz daughter's bedroom (even though she moved out months ago, she left enough 'stuff' behind to make it look as if she's still here)
  5. Help clear out one half of the garage so we can park two cars in there again
  6. Upload latest 4x6 photo love on Shimelle
So I started with 1 and also went to the post office to collect this:
I was the lucky winner of Pass the Book (a fantastically good idea organised by Sian)  and this beautifully wrapped package came from Spain with Good Mail Day inside (plus the oh so pretty card I've shown on top of the packing) - thank you Alison!
Onto 2.  Whilst watching Saturday Kitchen the postman came and delivered this month's kit from Sarah' Cards
Oh how pretty, there was much oohing and ahhing and planning going on.  Whilst busy doing 3 I was trying to visualise what beautiful things I could make with it.
From here on in, things have not gone to plan.  After lunch I sat in the sunshine in the conservatory reading the book, had a little doze, woke up to find husband singlehandedly sorting out garage.  Quickly busied myself in the kitchen and made a batch of chocolate chip muffins whilst shouting out 'fancy a cup of tea before we get started out there?' in order to make it seem that I had been busy and not asleep, dreaming of fantastically wrapped and decorated letters and parcels.

So before things go further to pot, I've come upstairs on the pretext of starting 4 and avoiding 5 at all costs and finally getting round to doing 6.  I loved this way of displaying 8 photos in one and a half layouts and although R's graduation was some years ago, as I'd used J's graduation last month I thought it would be nice to include hers in this project.  My only problem as this Photo Love project is progressing is finding enough photos of the same subject to use each month!  Next month it's NINE so I had better get snapping ... I kind of think it could be puppy related next time!


Cheri said...

Any day that you can cross half your items off your "to do" list is a good day in my book! I'm always over-estimating what I can accomplish!

scrappyjacky said...

Starting to read a book is lethal for me....I either become totally engrossed and lose all sense of time.....or fall asleep!

Alison said...

I'm so glad the book arrived Deb....I was beginning to get worried! At least you got the shopping done-and Shimelle's 4x6...and I hadn't thought much about the actual number of photos increasing each time!
Alison xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

I have lots of days like that! Loved Good Mail Day!

Sian said...

You do make me laugh! That's like my plan of squirting Mr Sheen in the air to look like I have been dusting!

That does look like a lovely kit

Anonymous said...

You have distracted me now! I only popped on to have a quick look and then I had to go and look at the Sarah's cards kit and that led me on to other things!

Love your 4 x 6 page.

Anonymous said...

You got a lot done! I think you deserved that little nap. Had to laugh at you avoiding #5 at all costs - boy does that ever sound like me.

Sandra said...

Goodness you got a lot done, and ooohhh what gorgeous post you received

boysmum2 said...

oh I can't wait until you ask for people to send the book too, would love to receive it.