Tuesday 3 September 2019

A sentence a day in August

August - a popular month for birthdays in our family - let's see what else has been happening in this monthly round up

Day 1 After a two week break due to the class teacher having a holiday it was back to Zumba

Day 2 Morning shopping in Chelmsford followed by internet shopping in afternoon when I bought a pair of neon orange leggings and an orange and blue headband - could this have anything to do with a Caribbean themed Zumba class in a couple of weeks time?

Day 3 Would have been my Dad's birthday today - met up with my sister and brother in law for a meal at a local Indian restaurant

Day 4 'Normal' Sunday lunch with 4 generations around the dinner table, then an unexpected visit from Paul's cousin and her partner in the afternoon so we definitely had a houseful of family today.

Day 5 Rachel's 'newish' car had to go into garage to investigate the occasional odd juddering in the steering column - turns out it was the lane steering control that they had not been told about -  so it was a safety feature not a fault, how embarrassing!

Day 6 Manicure day - love the look of freshly manicured nails - was able to show them off in the evening when I met three ladies I used to work with for dinner.

Day 7 My new trainers arrived - they are far too white and new looking so I made sure I wore them every time I went out today

Day 8 Zumba!  Nice to have a bit of a dance in the morning and even nicer to pop over to see baby Max in the afternoon.

Day 9 Optician appointment - new lenses needed so I've also gone for a new pair of frames too - watch this space

Day 10 Torrential rain and high winds today, invited to friends for drinks in the evening - thank goodness there was a break in the rain that coincided with the time we needed to walk round there.

Day 11 Went on a very windy dog walk, noticing how early the farmers have harvested the corn this year, then a lazy Sunday lunch.

Day 12 Enjoyed getting a few more rows of the baby blanket done today.

Day 13 Went into town to browse book stores for holiday reading, although I'll download a couple to my kindle I always like to take a paperback with me as well.

Day 14 Both Leo and Rosie needed blood tests today so I went with Rachel to the hospital to be an extra pair of hands - both children were given a teddy by the nurse for being so brave.

Day 15 Caribbean party theme at Zumba today!  The orange leggings had their first (and possibly their last) outing

Day 16 Coco had an appointment at the beauty salon/dog groomers, if the weather forecast is to be believed, she isn't going to stay this clean for long!

Day 17 Didn't have much planned for today so went out for an impromptu Thai tapas lunch at the Giggling Squid - SO delicious!

Clockwise round plate - tempura salt and pepper squid, Thai chicken wings, chicken massaman curry and jasmine rice.

Day 18 Invited to Sunday lunch at my sisters, along with my cousin and her partner, what a treat to not being the one cooking the meal!

Day 19 Went to the Botanic Gardens at Cambridge, whist it was a nice place to walk around, it wasn't quite as good as we were expecting, although the orange and coconut sponge cake in the cafe was delicious!

Day 20 Went into town to pick up a birthday present for Leo

Day 21 Baby blanket is growing ...

Day 22 Pre holiday hair cut and colour, feeling much neater and tidier now!

Day 23 Leo finished 'helping' me make and decorate a birthday cake for his Mummy's birthday and then Paul and I were invited round to a friend's house for an Indian takeaway in the evening.

Day 24 Rachel's birthday - her husband wanted to take her to London for a special lunch so we had Leo and Rosie here for quite a few hours.  

Day 25 Invited to Paul's cousin's house for a get together of the Keyworth side of the family.

Day 26 Jon, Sophie and Max came for lunch and then we all went to Rachel's to have an early 3rd birthday tea with Leo.

Day 27 Picked up my new glasses in the morning then went for a meal in the evening with my old school friends Jill and Julia.

Day 28 Found the most horrendously enormous spider behind my husband's pillow when I was making the bed this morning 😱 He was carefully escorted out into the garden but I'm now worrying about where the rest of his family may be.

Day 29 Leo's 3rd birthday - what an excited little boy!  So many new toys, Paw Patrol is definitely a firm favourite.

Day 30 Nails done ready for my holiday - always makes me feel smarter.

Day 31 Making lists and getting suitcases down from the loft - the holiday is nearly here, and to get us in holiday mood, invited to a barbecue in the afternoon.

And once again, one second a day captured on film ...

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Patio Postcards said...

I think you rocked out that look with orange leggings for Caribbean themed Zumba! I had a look at my nails, oh yes I could use a manicure, your nails are goregous. Happy holidays.

Ruth said...

I'm another who thinks you rocked that Zumba look!
Now that school has restarted, I'm hoping to make the time for a much needed manicure.
PS: love this monthly post, as always.

Marion L said...

Happy holidays! What a lovely month recorded. You look amazing in the orange ... Would be a great holiday outfit too.

onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com said...

Made notes as I was reading your post so I would remember what I wanted to comment on. I am so addle-brained these days.

LOVE the orange leggings and the whole tropical Zumba outfit. It cannot be just a one time outing with it! That orange is gorgeous and such a great color for fall.

In your video clip you had on a pink dress that was lovely, too. Nice print and perfect length. Looked like something I would imagine one wearing to tea.

Happy birthday to Rachel. Glad you were able to celebrate with her then grand-sit so she and her husband could celebrate together. How nice to have a houseful of family except I get very nervous when playing the hostess. Need to get over that but not sure I will.

Love your fresh 'do and Coco's, too. The Thai food looked so delicious and the name of the restaurant is such fun.

Enjoying the photos from your holiday. Hope you have had the best time. Safe travels home.

Natalie said...

Hi Deb: A very nice August with fun preparation for your trip to Croatia. I enjoyed your holiday photos which brought back good memories for me as I was there in March this year. Safe travels.