Monday 2 September 2019

Out of Office on

Hello readers, it's me - Coco.

And yes, you're right, I'm not looking very happy.

There's suitcases in the spare bedroom and that can only mean one thing.  My humans are going away ... without me.  I've heard whispered conversations about 'what time will we drop her off' and 'have we got enough food to take with her?'

A pile of clothes and toiletries are accumulating near the suitcases and dog leads and blankets are not included.  I'm clearly going to be left all by myself while they jet off to Croatia.  I can't even reach a door handle, how on earth am I going to let myself out in the garden?  I don't know how the taps work, what happens when I've drunk all my water?  I'm going to be so bored and lonely. Abandoned.

Oh wait a minute.  They're mentioning a lady called Sue who lives round the corner.  I remember Sue.  She looked after me when they abandoned me in May.  Sue's nice.  So's her husband.  They let me sit next to them on the sofa while we watch tv in the evenings.  Sue loves long walks and I go with her.  They feed me treats if I manage to put on my sad 'I miss my family' expression.  Maybe it won't be so bad.  It'll be a little holiday for me too.  And they won't really be able to enjoy themselves because they'll be feeling very guilty about leaving me behind while all the time I'm enjoying myself in what I now call my 'holiday home'.

Tune in later next week and I'll give you the low down on how things went.


Ruth said...

Happy holiday, Coco (and hoping the same for your humans!).

Patio Postcards said...

Coco, if you play this right, you will not only have a great holiday but oh the treats & extra attention when your carers get home from a fab holiday.

Susanne said...

Wishing a happy holiday to all concerned. I'm sure the days will fly by until all are reunited and compare notes on who had the most fun. said...

Dearest Coco, I would gladly Coco-sit for your mum and dad if only we lived closer. I am one of your biggest fans, along with Sue, I guess. We would let you sit on the couch with us to watch the TV AND we would let you sleep with us in our king-sized bed. Will be anxious to hear how your holiday went. Sending you big love and lots of snuggles from across the pond.