Friday 13 September 2019

Ferry to Lokrum

The view from our window was straight across the sea to the island of Lokrum.  From our viewpoint it looked as if it were just covered in woodland and we didn't really think we bother to go over to visit.  Then we happened to strike up a conversation with another couple around the pool who had been over and said how beautiful it was and well worth a visit.

So on Thursday we walked into the city in the morning and caught the local ferry across to the island.  It was a short, 15 minute, trip and they ran every half an hour.  I am so pleased we made the trip - it was such a lovely place.  The first thing you noticed was the wildlife, rabbits and peacocks roaming around taking no notice of the tourists

Apparently in the 19th Century the island was turned into a summer residence of Duke Maximillian of Habsburg and so naturally we felt an affinity to it, purely because of the recent family arrival of baby Max!

There is a small salt lake called 'The Dead Sea' slightly inland

Naturally, this area too was used for filming in Game of Thrones as the city of Qarth and although I've never seen an episode of it, I could not resist doing the tourist thing of having my photo taken whilst sitting on the Iron Throne

There were some lovely buildings tucked away in the woodland, although the island was also affected by the war in the 1990s and took 50 direct hits, which included much of the botanical gardens and the historical library lost most of its records.

We ended up staying there all morning, it was such a lovely relaxing place to wander around.  And how lovely to see that school children could also have their lessons out there.  Who couldn't enjoy a nature lesson if this was your classroom?

There is a legend that whoever claims the island for their own will be damned and no one is allowed to stay overnight on the island or they will be cursed.  So by lunchtime we decided it was time to get the next crossing back to the mainland!  It's always interesting to see somewhere when you approach it by sea, and Dubrovnik certainly looked inviting on our return trip

And rumour has it that the footballer Ronaldo had been staying in this villa with the blue dome the week before we arrived (this was quite literally next to the hotel we stayed in!)

An afternoon by the pool beckoned and we then returned to the city in the evening 

There is a ceremony which takes place every evening which involves guards marching from one gate to another preceded by a drummer

And our own personal ceremony which involves Paul trying a different flavour ice cream or gelato every evening.  Tonight's favourite was vanilla cheesecake with fruits of the forest sorbet running through it!


Patio Postcards said...

On that island with bunnies! It was a gift from The Universe that you chatted with those folks the day before. Such a beautiful spot - great photos. I like the folk lore that goes with the island. I'd put the throne right up there with Platform 9 3/4

Ruth said...

That looks like a lovely place to visit. I've never seen GoT either. And I.m all for trying a different ice cream flavour every day!

Barbara Eads said...

That island looks like an enchanting place with much to see and do. I love it when the animals are all around and unafraid of tourists. I have seen Game of Thrones and would really enjoy seeing the iron throne. Looks like you and the "huns" had a great time!