Tuesday 25 May 2010


I was prompted to do this post after reading about Deb's collections which included roosters, and a comment from Rinda suggested that she might have a weakness for these too. Funnily enough I have a friend who collects roosters and items with images of roosters on them so with my forthcoming trip to Portugal in mind, I found this picture on flickr .
The Portuguese cockerel is found all over the country and whilst it isn't officially a rooster, with a little artistic licence maybe we can include it! So although I've seen these cockerels every time I've been there, I've never thought to look into the story behind them. Until now ......
In Barcelos, a small town in Portugal, a passing pilgrim, who was on his way to São Tiago de Compostela (in Spain) ,was wrongly accused of theft, for which the penalty was death. Feeling threatened in a foreign village, he only had his faith to call upon. .
He appealed to "Our Lady" and St. James (the patron Saint of protection) that justice be done.
The pilgrim found his way to the Judge who was to decide his fate.
The judge was about to commence eating a roast cockerel for his dinner. The pilgrim pleaded, "If I am innocent, that cockerel will get up and crow.
The cockerel at once got up and crowed heartily. The pilgrim was released and went on his way.
And to this day, the cockerel has been a symbol of faith, justice and good luck.

So now I know!


humel said...

What an interesting story! I'd never come across that before :-)

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a cool story! Especially since faith and justice are two of my favorite art themes!
Thanks sooooo much for sharing.
(you do know gallo is spanish for rooseter, right?)

Amy said...

Great story Deb - how are your ears?

Sian said...

Great story! My in-laws adopted a rooster who turned up in their garden and kept him for many years , so we have a bit of a fondness for them too.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Great story that you have shared here, Deb. :o) The photo is nice too. I don't have many roosters (well, at least not compared to the number of turtles around my house) but I love having them in my kitchen!