Thursday, 19 August 2010

Lights, camera, action

I think that if a school agrees to invite the television crew in to film A level students getting their results and putting it on national tv in the evening, they really ought to warn the members of staff coming into work at silly o'clock to help with getting the results envelopes ready so that they may be prepared.
Had I known that cameras would be in evidence I would
a) have washed my hair and blow dried it carefully instead of just dragging a brush through it
b) carefully applied makeup rather than just putting on a bit of lippy and brushing a bit of eyeshadow on
c) thought carefully about what I was going to wear instead of just opening the wardrobe and pulling out a hanger, thinking 'That'll do. I'll be home in 2 hours'

For a start, I wasn't home in 2 hours. I was only supposed to be putting certificates in envelopes and handing them over to someone else to give to students when they came in at 9.30. But one minute I was carrying a box of envelopes into the hall, chatting to the another willing volunteer and the head of 6th form as we put them down and sorted them into two piles, the next thing, we were standing there on our own, and a human tide of emotional 18 year olds were surging towards us. We felt like shouting out 'I'm only a secretary, get me out of here'! Funny how Senior Leadership have a knack of disappearing into thin air when they are most needed eh?
So if you live in the Anglia region and you happen to turn on the regional news on ITV at 6 o'clock, keep an eye out us. Although being only 5' 1" there's a good chance I will be totally obscured by towering 6th formers! 15 minutes of fame? I think not.
PS Good luck to anyone who has offspring awaiting results, hope all goes according to plan!


Deb said...

LOL - doesn't that just figure? Cute story, Debs! xo

scrappyjacky said...

Fame at last,Deb....sadly we don't get that channel!!!

Sian said...

Brilliant story! I wish I was able to get your news - I'd love to see it. Though you've done such a great job of describing it, I get the picture :)

Cheri said...

If it does end up on television, maybe you can leave us a link to the story on the internet?

And yeah - it's a shame you get no warning for your 15 seconds of fame!

Amy said...

Yes, a link please if we get the chance to see you in all of your glory!

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great story!

Karen said...

Glad you survived the tide of teens! When I took Gracia and Josh to get theirs the queue was out the college grounds and snaking along the street! That was at 11.30, an hour and a half after the college had opened for collection of results. No marauding crowds just a huge disorderly queue of teens who found it impossible to move out of the road to allow cars to pass!

humel said...

Is it available online? I'd love to see your moment of fame! What a pity they didn't provide full crew for make-up and dress, though... xx

humel said...

OK, is it your fault then that the Anglia website has crashed?!