Thursday 12 August 2010


When we were first married, my husband was a keen photographer. And when I say keen, I mean bordering on the obsessive. He was more likely to leave me at home on a day out than he was to leave the camera behind. These were pre-digital days and he used to agonise over whether six 36 exposure films would be enough for a week's holiday. Despite me telling him they were civilised lands we were travelling to and he would be able to buy more if he should run out while we were abroad. He was a member of the local camera club and our weekends were spent going to scenic places that were full of photo opportunities.
Fast forward a few years, and two children later (and all the associated 'stuff' that children need for a day out) there was not room in the car for all the paraphernalia that he used to take out with him and neither they, nor I, had the patience to wait for him to set up the perfect picture. Although he still enjoys photography, and has a good camera, it is not with the same intensity that he used to have.
So now he finds it amusing that it is me who takes the camera everywhere, where handbags to use in the evening are bought on the decision as to whether or not there is room for a camera, glasses case and purse.
My little Panasonic Lumix point and shoot has a function on it where you can take panoramic shots. You take a photo, then when you take the next one, there is a shadow from the edge of the last shot showing so you can line it up perfectly. I've not used it before, but sitting on the terrace with a glass of Tia Maria after dinner one night, watching the sun setting over the Bay of Naples, with Vesuvius on the horizon, I decided the time was right. I could see my husband itching to get his hands on the camera and have a go himself, he was having to bite his lip in order to not give me advice. I thought the resulting photos were worthy of the next page from the Sarah's Cards Kit.


Rachel Brett said...

Great layout Deb, I like the panoramic pic. I used to have this feature on my old 'film' camera, I haven't seen it on a digital camera before. It looks really good : )

Denise said...

I've got that on mine but never used it- might have to try it sometime. Lovely layout x

Sian said...

Those are great! Did you let him have a go?

I used to have that feature on a camera I had when the kids were really little and I miss it now.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I used to have that feature, too, and loved it. Great layout - love the pops of magenta and the bubbly border.

humel said...

Oh, clever! I haven't come across this function. I used to have one of the APS cameras that let you choose ordinary, wide or panoramic shot - in fact, I was involved in the initial research for that product! Your layout is gorgeous xx