Sunday 15 August 2010

Tourist information anyone?

In honour of our 30th wedding anniversary, the husband and I are going away for the weekend to Bath. It's a place that neither of us have been to and also a place that is supposed to be lovely. Jane Austen country? Anyhow, having left it until last minute, I actually managed to find a hotel for us that didn't cost an arm and a leg (and trust me, some of the hotels I looked at cost at least 2 arms and 2 legs) that is centrally located. But now, I am wondering if anyone out there either lives near there or has been there and can recommend places to see or nice restaurants or whatever.
If the weather is nice, there won't be a problem, we will wander around and find places of interest but bearing in mind how awful the weather has been the last couple of days and is forecast for the next week too, I need some 'wet weather' contingency plans! We aren't going for another 3 weeks so it has time to change but we all know, we can experience all four seasons in one day here in the UK!
Ideas anyone?


scrappyjacky said...

I know The American Museum is in Bath..takes you on a journry through American history....and also has furniture, paintings, quilts etc. This year they have a special exhibition of classic American quilts.

Sian said...

We spent our honeymoon near Bath so I reckon it's the perfect place for a wedding anniversary celebration :)

There is a fashion museum which is supposed to be really good - I bet Jo would have some suggestions

Jennifer Grace said...

I lived in Bath for 4 years, love it there! There's so many gorgeous places, and just wandering around the town is atmospheric, and has great shops like Mr B's (an independent bookshop on John Street).

If you want museums there is the Jane Austen Centre in queen's square (gay street), which also has a lovely tea shop above it. If you go there look out for my photo on postcards and books - I used to work there and 'model' for them! hee hee! (I posted about this here if you missed it:

There's also the Thermae spa if you feel like being pampered:, I have never been there but would love to!

Otherwise the pump room, roman baths and the abbey are beautiful - the roman baths can be viewed in the evening during the summer months so if you're able to go then, it's got a real ambiance with the lights flickering over the water.

Food wise, I love to eat at Las Iguanas - Mexican food. And they have a great cocktail bar called 'pulp' downstairs - the raspberry martini is divine. Or we used to eat at The Wife of Bath, on Pierrepont street, would be good for lunch on a rainy day. My friend always eats at The Walrus and Carpenter when she visits Bath, and she loves it: Finally, if you need a hot chocolate to warm you up at some point, go to Minerva (by the abbey). It does small cups of thick chocolate, like the italians do it. Yum.

Hope that all helps! Last little note - some of the paving slabs can be difficult to walk on in heels! Stumbled around the town centre a lot in my years there! Hope you have a great time! x

Denise said...

Never been to Bath but it looks and sounds like a lovely place to visit, good choice..xx

Amy said...

Sorry, no help to you on this one Deb .... sounds like a great place to visit though!

humel said...

OK, after all Jennifer's recommendations I now want to visit Bath too!! Have a fab time - can't wait to hear all about it afterwards xx