Wednesday 23 February 2011

mini book

Embracing Imperfection Week two was to make a mini book using quotes that we downloaded from the website.  For some reason that seemed logical at the time I decided to make my own mini book out of some thin chipboard squares and a couple of silver fasteners I found in a drawer.  Well it seemed a good idea at the time.  I've almost finished it but need to do a little more to the last couple of pages but thought I would share it as far as it has come:
Page 5 & 6 

page 7 & 8
page 1 & 2

page 3 & 4

Now, dear old Blogger is embracing imperfection in it's own sweet way today and refusing to put these pictures in any semblance of the order in which I uploaded them which has a kind of irony about it doesn't it?  And the weather is so poor here today that I have struggled to find anywhere to photograph the pages and in trying to prop the book open, all the pages look different sizes and shapes (they aren't really, honest!)
I want to add some ribbons to the rings on the front cover but need to find some scaps of red ribbon.  And in true imperfect style, I hand wrote the last quote on page 8 because what could be more imperfect than my own handwriting?


Anonymous said...

Fantastic book Deb and I love the random uploading of photos - how radical of you! I have yet to get week 1 done yet but will save all the prompts and maybe get them done one day.

humel said...

Lovely, lovely book! I got as far as downloading the printables - may make my book after the weekend, so I can use my new Tim Holtz goodies :-)

Blogger is playing up a lot this week. It ate my second batch of Rome photos, so I may not get to post them till next week now! :-(

Cheri said...

Love the simplicity of this Deb! And the way you carried the ribbon off the edge to make a little tab - how clever! I had considered using a stack of 4x4 chipboard coasters I have, but was afraid the small size would be too difficult with the quotes.

And I'm glad to know blogger isn't just targeting me! Uploading my book yesterday was making me insane!

scrappyjacky said...

I've found the only way to get photos on Blogger properly at the to upload them all....and then add text afterwards.
A great little book.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love this. Isn't it wonderful when you get to use things you happen to have laying around?

Sian said...

I do the opposite of Jacky and write my text first and then insert the photos and finding that is working for me at the moment - but who knows? it could all change again at any time.

I haven't time at the minute for the mini album, but I did enjoy her class enough to sign up for the new one starting tomorrow

Denise said...

Lovely little mini book,I've yet to do a physical project too - but I like her thinking and am enjoying the class

Scrappi Sandi said...

fabby mini book....check out blogging using livewriter as you can upload photo's & text as you go & it's so easy to size/position them where you want! :)

Rachel Brett said...

Great book Deb, I'm sorry I haven't been to visit in a while :)

Robyn said...

This is so pretty! I love the cover the most. I was thinking of taking that class...I really like Karen and just starting following her blogs. I'm glad you are enjoying it!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hi Deb too! Just catching up over here and I LOVE your little mini-book. And you know what my favorite part is? Your handwritten quote at the end. It was fun to see your handwriting - a little personal piece of you. Gosh, I almost feel like I'm getting to know you in person what with the video and now the handwriting... ♥