Friday 17 August 2012

Height of Summer

Despite the fact that it seems I am probably the smallest blogger in the world, I am joining in with Julie's Height of Summer project.  You can find out about it here
I could just say that I am 'shoulder height' as that's where I seem to come to when standing next to normal sized people

Shortest person on the God-parent list (well apart from Baby Sophie of course)

Shorter than my baby boy
Just the right height to rest my head on Tom Selleck's shoulder {sigh}
(There are some benefits then!)
I was the shortest girl in the class at school, even sitting down I’m still only shoulder height
height 4
Even when wearing heels, still shoulder height

Only way I can be the same height as everyone else is to stand on a step.

So come on then, at 5’1” – am I really the shortest one in the group?


Cheri said...

I'll be checking back later to see if anyone admits to being shorter than you. I'm 5'4".

Denise said...

All good things come in little packages - I think I am a tad taller but not much - about 5'3" x

Maria Ontiveros said...

This series is starting to make me feel tall, at 5'5" (although Amy from Australia is actually tall, I think).
Working on a post to do before the end of the month!

scrappyjacky said...

I'm taller than you....but not by much!

Elizabeth said...

No, I am only 5 feet tall. As you know, being short can be such a trial. Just this morning, I was at the supermarket reaching for a jar of pickled beets. Of course, they were on the top shelf. Usually, I ask a taller man to reach them for me but no one was around. I almost was able to wrap my hand around it but then it slipped and fell to the ground. Cleanup in aisle 5 resulted.

Beverly said...

great post and ummmm yes, you are quite a bit shorter than me! I'm the person that gets things off the top shelf for people like you and Elizabeth :)

Alison said...

5'3" here Deb!
Alison xx

Amy said...

I'm 5'10", but the shortest in my family so, for some people I am tall and for others I am at their shoulders ... yes, a lot of my cousins are THAT tall!

Sian said...

Not if I can persuade my sister to start cutting and sticking. She never made 5'. But apart from that, um...

Julie Kirk said...

Well, I'm an inch and a bit taller than you [it's not exactly a boast ... but it rarely happens that I get to say it! Forgive me!] but, have no fear ... there is someone smaller than you in my overall list - which I'll share at the end of the series!

Great set of photos and a lovely post - thanks so much for your contribution.

You're on the board now:

Julie :-)

Amanda said...

I'll put your mind at rest as I come in at 5ft. I've still got to blog me in all of my shortness - but soon :)

Jimjams said...

Well it seems you're not the shortest, but I'd say you are certainly down there. Lovely comparison photos too - a *sigh* to Tom Sellick here too :D