Monday, 17 May 2021

Me on Monday

 It involved queuing in the rain and it took over an hour but ta dah ...

We went to the walk in centre at the weekend and got our second vaccinations, two weeks early 😊

The only side effect when I woke up the following day was a sore arm which improved as the day went on, and I may have had (I definitely did have) an hour's snooze on the sofa in the afternoon.  So that's all good and just in time for the easing of regulations today.  We can finally hug our family and allow them indoors - so long as there are no more than six of us.  Restaurants can now serve food indoors too and my husband's badminton crew have booked a table at the local pub for Tuesday evening just like they used to do.

Coco is feeling better, and even managed to get herself on social media when we popped into our local pet shop to buy her a new collar

Shame we didn't wait until today as she is booked in for a groom this morning and that little paw will no longer be a grubby grey but a brilliant white again!

Would you like a crochet update?

It hasn't grown a tremendous amount this week as the patterns have needed a bit more concentration but I am about half way through it now and I am still loving it. It's so nice to experiment with different stitches and it's giving me the confidence to try more intricate patterns.  I love the way this one has texture, the dots you can see are actually bobbles and it makes it a very tactile blanket.  The row that I am on at the moment is basket weave and I really have to keep an eye on what I'm doing.  I just had to undo a quarter of a row as I'd made a mistake.  This is known as 'frogging' as you just have to pull the yarn and 'rip it, rip it, rip it' 

The weather forecast this week is a bit gloomy but with the new rulings we aren't so weather dependent any more.  Zumba will be in the hall again on Thursday which I am really looking forward to, even though it will be with reduced numbers and all doors and windows open, and on Friday we are going round to friends - to sit indoors and drink wine!  We may even order an Indian takeaway to eat with them.  It's a little bit of normal back again.  How's your week looking?

Thursday, 13 May 2021

In need of cheer

We're feeling a bit down over in Deb's World this week.  So in an effort to cheer ourselves up, I'll share a few photos of some of the tulips we planted this year in the new raised bed.

Love the ragged edges of these ones, aren't they unusual?

So why are we feeling a bit down in the dumps?  Well this week our son should have been completing on a new home but on Monday, the day of contract exchange, the seller 'changed his mind' and decided he didn't want to sell after all.  Despite having 3 months to think about it, negotiating moving dates etc etc.  We are going through the stages of disbelief, anger and disappointment on their behalf.  It's easy to say that something better is probably out there, and all things happen for a reason but it's not what is on their mind at the moment.  They had already sold and moved out of their home, stored their possessions and moved in with Sophie's parents at the farm so they are really in limbo now.  I think it's time for another picture 

I liked the shape of the petals of this one

Now today I am going to have to call the vets as Coco isn't well.  She's happy and sprightly in herself but something is not good with her digestion and the last couple of nights she's had us awake in the early hours needing to go into the garden.  She is not a fan of going to the vet and especially at the moment when you cannot go into the surgery with them because of covid regulations she'll be especially anxious about going.


Hopefully an hour of uplifting dancing on my Zoom Zumba class will get the endorphins flowing, but at the moment the skies are grey, we're in the middle of a sudden downpour of rain and things feel a bit 'meh'. 

Monday, 10 May 2021

10 things on the 10th

 This month's prompt from Leslie is 10 things you hate (or really dislike) to do.  I thought this might be interesting because one person's dislike is another person's happy place!  Let me share the 10 things that I really don't like doing ...

  1. Going in a lift.  This is not just a dislike, it's an all out proper phobia.  This is why I need to keep relatively fit, I need to be able to be able to climb a few flights of stairs.  Let's move onto number two before the thought of going in a lift gives me a panic attack!
  2. Ironing.  There, this one won't give me heart palpitations but I really don't like doing it.  Then the pile of ironing gets taller, the task seems greater and we're on a downward track.  
  3. The thought of eating oysters.  I know they are a delicacy.  I know that they have a certain reputation 😉 but the thought of that raw, slippery fish having to be swallowed whole ... ugh!
  4. Touching feet.  I can cope with babies feet, and little children's feet, I don't even mind my own too much but there is no way on this earth that I could ever be a chiropodist, touching feet all day.  So if you are looking for a foot massage, I am not the person to call. 👣
  5. Going to the dentist.  I had a horrible dentist when I was younger. Rude, abrupt and unsympathetic - all the things my current dentist isn't.  But I still get that horrible stomach churning feeling when I'm in the waiting room, and I am always skipping speedily down the corridor on my way out if I haven't had to have anything done. 
  6. Bats.  You're sitting out in the garden in the early evening in summer when out of the corner of your eye you notice a fluttering in the trees.  It's way past the birds' bedtime, it can only be bats flying around.  🦇 Oh how they give me the heebie jeebies.  Just thinking about them sends shivers down my spine. Can we move onto number seven please?   
  7. Being cold.  I really don't like feeling cold.  This may be why taking up crocheting blankets is the ideal hobby for me.  Once you get past a certain point, it keeps you warm while you are making it and you end up with something warm and comforting when it's finished.
  8. Being out of my depth in water.  I'm not a good swimmer and didn't learn to swim until I was an adult so I like to know that if I want to stop and put my feet down, I will feel the reassurance of a pool tile, or a sandy beach beneath me.  I had adult improver lessons about 30 years ago and the instructor was bemused by the fact that I could swim for ages if I thought the floor was within touching distance, but the minute I ventured down the deep end of the pool, I got in a panic until I reached the other side!
  9. Being stuck in traffic on a motorway.  We once spent more time getting home from a local airport than it had taken us to fly home from Barcelona to London.  I absolutely hate traffic jams.  I think it's because you feel so hemmed in with no escape because on a lot of British motorways the junctions where you can get on and off are few and far between. Then of course we have the issue of being in a queue and needing a 'comfort break' ... 
  10. Being bored.  I'm the kind of person who needs to be doing something.  I get restless if I don't have something to do.  So it's lucky that I enjoy crafting and cooking.  Not to mention reading, you can never be bored if you have a book to read can you?
That's it.  There are my ten things.  Do you have ten things you don't like to do?  Let me know if any of your ten match one of mine!

Friday, 7 May 2021

One photo - twenty words


What a lovely treat!  We ventured out for a trip to Cambridge. Our first proper day out since lockdown ended!

Monday, 3 May 2021

A Sentence a Day in April

 Here we go again - still in lockdown except we can meet up to six people outdoors, nothing much else has relaxed.  This month should include a much needed hair cut - I shall try and remember to do before and after photos!

Day 1 April Fool's Day!  Had our monthly Covid test

Day 2 Good Friday, Jon & family came over for a breezy, brief al fresco lunch followed by a lovely walk over the park so Max could see the ducks.

Day 3 Tidied up garden and kept checking weather forecast for tomorrow, keeping fingers crossed there really is going to be a big difference between then and today's chilly wind.

Day 4 A gloriously sunny, warm Easter Sunday with lunch on the patio - Rachel and family came over.  This was our first Easter Sunday with Rosie, her first was spent in hospital with a worrying blood disorder and the second was in last year's lockdown - third time lucky!

Day 5 Easter Monday and it snowed, just a few flurries but definitely freezing cold and snowflakes #whatadifferenceadaymakes

Day 6 Went to Waitrose to collect some outdoor tableware that I'd ordered from John Lewis and managed to spend £60 on groceries while I was waiting for it to be brought through from the warehouse!  Had Leo and Rosie over for a few hours this afternoon 

Day 7 Max came to visit today and Coco went to the groomers - 

Day 8 The guy who was coming to help dig out the path in the garden was let down by the company delivering the skip and gravel and had to reschedule his visit so we found ourselves with no plans for the day, I ended up tackling some of the shredding which has accumulated in the study.

Day 9 Suggested to Rachel that we took the children to the park with Rosie on her scooter and Leo on his bike, I didn't realise they would go so fast #notasfitasithoughtiwas

This was also the day that we heard that the Duke of Edinburgh had died at the age of 99.

Day 10 Discovered that our tv package now includes the new season of Greys Anatomy - if you need me, you'll find me in the lounge, catching up.

Day 11 Popped over to help steam clean the carpets in Jon's house ready for the sale to go through tomorrow - then helped them take some last bits to his in-laws house (where they'll be living until the purchase of their new home completes). A lovely excuse to spend a bit of time with Max.

Day 12 It was SO cold today, typical weather bearing in mind today was the day that restaurants and pubs can open to offer outdoor dining only!

Day 13 Change of plans today so flitted about doing nothing in particular and caught up with housework

Day 14 Much more fun today as we had Max for the day, thankfully it was bright an sunny (even if it wasn't warm!) because he loves to be outside in the garden!

Day 15 Zumba - followed by a well overdue haircut!

Yes I did forget to do the 'before' photo!

Day 16 The new path in the garden has been dug out, had gravel and paving slabs filled in and is looking good!

Day 17 Our first social engagement since lockdown ended - drinks with friends in their garden, thank goodness the weather was kind!

Day 18 Max came for lunch while his mum and dad had a pub lunch with two sets of his aunties and uncles.  

Day 19 Paul went to visit a friend who has moved away so I had a girly day with Rachel and Rosie, shopping in the morning then back to our garden for lunch and playtime

Day 20 Our first full day of childcare since December, Rosie was here from 8.30, then we collected Leo from school at 3pm and they were here until almost 6pm - it was a long day and we were exhausted.

Day 21 Jon brought Max over to see us and we spent a long time 'helping' grandad in the garden

Day 22 Went to a garden centre to get a few more bits and pieces for the garden

Day 23 Woke up feeling in a bit of a grouchy mood, couldn't really say why but I was just feeling a bit 'touchy' all day.

Day 24 Zumba on a Saturday for a change, then we went to see Leo at his football lesson in the morning, it was at the same place that we used to take our son when he first started kicking a ball around 25 years ago!

Day 25 An early start to the day, Coco decided she needed to go out into the garden at 4.15am 😬 Jon, Sophie and Max came over for lunch in the garden, was a bit breezy but the sun was shining.

Day 26 We received some lovely news (there's a clue in the video)

Day 27 Looked after Rosie today, Paul had to do a first aid course as part of his volunteer duties over our local park - he was surprised to find my Zumba teacher taking part as well!

Day 28 Looked after Max, he's really talking a lot now and copying everything you say.

Day 29 Too breezy for coffee in the garden with a friend so we went for an hour long walk instead #cantwaittomeetupindoors

Day 30 My sister and brother in law both have birthdays next week so they came over for a coffee in the garden to collect their presents.

Another month done and dusted!  I'm still remembering to capture one second of every day, and here's the video ...

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Monday, 26 April 2021

Me on Monday

 I'm not quite sure what happened to Monday, I had a few flexible plans but I'm finding myself at just gone 5pm without having completed them!

The crochet is growing 

This pattern is perfect for me, it is not one row after another of the same stitch, it is blocks of pattern four rows at a time so it's keeping me on my toes, and learning lots of new combinations of stitches.  I had planned to do some this afternoon but Rachel was at a loose end so her and Rosie popped round, the sun was shining so we could eat outside so they stayed for lunch, then sat in the garden until it was time to go and get Leo, then Coco needed her afternoon walk ... you get the picture!

I did get to cook some rock cakes before they arrived- I made a batch a couple of weeks ago but they just disappeared.  They seem to be a little too popular around here, Paul likes to have one in the mornings with coffee, Jon ate two in the time it took to drop Max off the other Wednesday and the builders were more than happy to have them with their coffee when they were here to build the path.   

We paid for our holiday which means it is less than 12 weeks away.  I'm trying not to look forward to it too much because we all know how quickly restrictions can change but at least we have something booked for the not too distant future!  I'm also in the process of investigating the best pub gardens that offer heated outdoor seating, it will be nice to book a table for a meal out sometime soon.

Right!  It's time to start thinking about dinner, has to be an early one tonight as Paul has a Volunteer Committee meeting on Zoom at 6.30 followed by his online Italian class at 8pm.  Looks like my crochet will have to wait until then!

Friday, 23 April 2021

Making friends

I've always known that there are a lot of lovely people out in blogland, people you would never normally have met but people you just bond with.  I know how much I value my blog-friends!  

Since trying my hand at a new craft, crochet, my friend Denise (the one who talked me into scrapbooking, then joining Shimelle classes, then blogging ... ) encouraged me to join some crochet groups on Facebook.  To see people who have started the same projects and learn from seeing what they have done and replies to questions they have asked.  So once again I took her advice (I mean, if it hadn't been for her I wouldn't have started a blog and met you lovely people! basically she's my life coach 😆) and I have been absolutely amazed at how much I have discovered and what a friendly, supportive, helpful bunch crafters are!  

Latest project that I found on the Coastal Crochet blog

I'm loving this - I'm learning so much as every four rows you start a new pattern.  And before you ask, yes I am using this as an excuse for not doing that huge pile of ironing that is growing daily ;-)

So what else has kept me from blogging this week?  Well there have been a couple of days where my lounge has looked like this ...

I love the fact that although we have two boys and a girl for grandchildren, they all love playing with the same things!  Rosie is obsessed with caring for her baby dolls, yet still enjoys getting the toy garage and road layout set up, Max is happy setting up the ice cream truck and more of the cars, and Leo will play with anything so long as his red power ranger can be involved!  No such thing as boys toys and girls toys here, they all love them just the same.

There was a day when we had workmen in to do the hard work making this

And then of course we needed to do a bit of shopping

for the finishing touches.  So we are making the most of the warm dry weather because you never know when it is going to end!  Even though I haven't written a blog post myself, I have made sure I've visited other blogs every day - it's good to keep an eye on what my blog friends are doing!

Have a good weekend everyone x