Monday, 13 September 2021

And the winner is ...

Emma Raducanu! It was unusual for us to sit and watch a tennis match on a Saturday night but how could we miss the final of the US Open when one of the finalists was an 18 year old British girl?  It was such a good match, both girls were equally talented but oh how happy we were when Emma won that final point.

There was one other English 'lady' who was not quite so happy that day.  Coco.  It was time for her annual check up and vaccination.  Last time we weren't allowed into the surgery with her and she got herself so stressed they queried if she may have a heart murmur.  This year Paul was allowed in with her and she was much calmer and they said if there is a murmur, it is very low grade.  But then they looked in her mouth and the news was not so good.  She needs a tooth removed so we've had to book her in for day surgery in a couple of weeks.  She's a devil for letting us brush her teeth, and we've hoped that dental chews would help keep her teeth clean but apparently they haven't done the job.  

As if that wasn't bad enough, Paul asked if we should be giving her any vitamin or mineral supplements now she is over 10 and they said she should be on Senior dog food.  Senior! She walked in a sprightly lady, and walked out a senior in need of dentures.

Needless to say she will be getting lots of extra cuddles and walks over the next couple of weeks leading up to her operation!

This Monday finds me about to load up the car and pop to Rachel's to give a hand taming her front garden; they really aren't gardeners and now we are heading into autumn it's time to deadhead and cut back the undergrowth and someone needs to go and show them what needs to be done.  

Yes I think it's time to acknowledge that autumn is well and truly arriving.  Despite having a lovely sunny day yesterday where we even ate our Sunday lunch in the garden, the solar lights in the garden are switching on earlier and earlier every evening, the mornings definitely have a chill to them and I'm thinking about packing away my summer dresses.  It's almost time to have that 'chat' about whether or not to switch the heating back on or just wear a thicker jumper!

Have a good week x


Monday, 6 September 2021

Me on Monday

 I'll let you in on a little secret - I was very apprehensive about last week!  But we survived to tell the tale and it is done and dusted now.  By the end of it I felt every single one of my 63 years old!  

Within the space of ten days we had babysat twice, had Max for his first sleepover, had all three grandchildren here for childminding at the same time, and had Leo and Rosie sleepover at the end of the week.  Rosie had never spent a night away from her mum ever and she is quite a determined young lady, it could have gone very wrong if she had suddenly wanted Rachel who was by then 109 miles away.  In addition to that it was Leo's third day back at school and he'd been apprehensive on both previous days so the prospect of dealing with that and trying to get them both breakfasted, washed and dressed in time to be out the house and take Coco for a walk was a little daunting.  However, it was all fine, there were no tears and no last minute worries. (From either of us 😉)

Back home for our Covid and blood antibody tests - Rosie was intrigued as to why Nanny and Grandad deliberately cut their fingers and caught the blood in a test tube, and was insistent that she chose a 'nice' plaster for me rather than the one the NHS provided.

 Yes that is Iron Man, strangely enough my box of Superhero plasters doesn't include any Superwomen.

I am hopeful that this week will be more relaxed - Max will be on holiday in Wales, there is no Zumba this week as the teacher is on holiday and there are no sleepovers planned.  

Forty one years ago today, I was all dressed up in a long white dress, holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers, standing in a church saying 'I do' - where did those years go?  

We decided to have an early anniversary meal out, it felt like there would be more atmosphere on a Sunday lunch than a Monday evening and went to a local-ish pub that Rachel and Jon had recommended and the food did not disappoint - they had me at 'shredded slow roasted lamb'.  

The sun is shining, exactly as it was 41 years ago but instead of walking down the aisle, we are taking Coco to Hatfield Forest for a walk around the lake and through the trees, followed by a cup of coffee at the shell house

Have a good week!

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

A sentence a day in August

 The first day of August was autumnal in feel, I hope that the whole month isn't like that!  (Spoiler alert - it was)

Day 1 Rachel, Leo and Rosie came for Sunday lunch as James is still with his mum sorting out paperwork and arrangements for his Dad's funeral

Day 2 Went to friends in the afternoon for tea and cake, it was even warm enough to sit outdoors.

Day 3 Would have been my Dad's birthday today, had Leo and Rosie here, went into town then made more slime in the afternoon

Day 4 Max came for the day, had a crafty morning with him too, this time gluing googlie eyes on a card for his mum.

Day 5 Busy day! Had our ONS Covid and antibody tests, Zumba in the hall, hairdressers appointment, went to collect new glasses but the lenses didn't seem right so I didn't bring them home.

Day 6 We should have been seeing friends for drinks this evening but they are in isolation since their son tested positive at the beginning of the week.

Day 7 Treated ourselves to a Thai takeaway tonight - it was SO delicious

Day 8 Sunday lunch, invited Rachel and children round to join us - they were pleased to hear that James was coming home in the afternoon

Day 9 A day of sunshine and showers - a lot of crochet was done in the afternoon and I'm now ready to start the border around the edge.

Day 10 Took Leo and Rosie to a local park which has a Pet's Corner, they loved it

Day 11 Jon and Max came for the day and Jon had his second vaccination, we had friends over for drinks in the evening as they have now finished their isolation.

Day 12 Zumba - we have a new routine which includes the song Jai Ho and I am now happily singing it to myself all day (Paul not so happy!) picked Max up from nursery in the afternoon, it isn't local and we hadn't been there before so good to do a trial run in case we are needed when his little sibling arrives in a few months.

Day 13 Met up with ex-work friends in the garden in the morning and caught up with some crochet in the afternoon, I'm now on the border rows and SO close to being finished!

Day 14 A dreary day so baked rock cakes and spent the afternoon crocheting.  Blanket is nearly done!  

Day 15 Paul and I visited my cousin and her partner with my sister and brother in law - it was 2 years since our last Sunday lunch get together!

Day 16 Finished my blanket ....

Day 17 Took Leo and Rosie to Paradise Wildlife Park, we had a really lovely day

Day 18 Had Max here, and also Leo and Rosie in the morning as their childminder has been near someone who was diagnosed with Covid and is waiting for the results of a PCR test. 

Day 19 Zumba in the morning which always lifts your spirits, then went into town in the afternoon to pick up my new glasses - they had 'tweaked' the prescription and now I can actually see clearly out of them!

Day 20 It was a Friday which felt like a Saturday which is weird because when you are retired surely all days are the same?

Day 21 Leo's party - what an afternoon, he had so much fun!  We had friends over for a curry night in the evening who didn't go home until almost midnight so we were VERY tired when we went to bed.

Day 22 Sunday started very early for me, 4am to be precise, what a thunderstorm!  So much for getting a good night's sleep after a very busy day yesterday.

Day 23 Made birthday cake for Rachel's birthday tomorrow, started a new crochet project, a baby blanket so much smaller than my previous ones.

Day 24 Paul and I went to Anglesey Abbey in the day and then I babysat in evening while Rachel and James went out to celebrate her 35th birthday.

Day 25 Max came for the day and wore us both out

Day 26 Zumba in the hall and it was also National Dog Day, although to be honest, every day is Dog Day in our household!

Day 27 Caught up with chores around the house then went to friend's for dinner in the evening, it's nice to be socialising again although we are only seeing people indoors if we know they are being as cautious as we are in going out and about!

Day 28 Went out for a delicious Italian meal at lunchtime, babysat for Leo and Rosie in the evening 

Day 29 Leo's 5th birthday - he was one very excited boy when we popped round to wish him a happy birthday

Day 30 Max arrived in the morning to spend the day - and night - with us, he'd never come for a sleepover before so we were a little apprehensive but he was a very well behaved house guest

Day 31 What a busy day, Max, Leo and Rosie all here in the morning until Jon and Sophie came to collect Max at lunchtime, then a busy afternoon with L&R clearing up the pond area in the garden and discovering lots of newt babies.

Want to see what the month looked like in just 1 Second Everyday?

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Monday, 30 August 2021

La Dolce Vita

 Ah, the restaurant table beneath the shuttered windows with lights strewn between olive trees

The happy faces, the aperol spritz and the glass of negroamoro red wine

The pizza with burrata, mozzarella, mortadella and pistachio pesto, fresh from the wood burning pizza oven, the hand made rigatoni in a nduja and tomato sauce

We must surely have jumped on a plane to Sicily for the weekend.  Or did we?  

Sadly, no.  But we did the next best thing and went for lunch at a lovely family run Sicilian restaurant in town. It was absolutely lovely, and only the second time I have eaten inside a restaurant since last December.  Well worth the wait, and it gave us sustenance for the evening when we were babysitting for Rachel and James again while they went to a friend's wedding reception which had been postponed twice last year.

As for Me on Monday today, it's Bank Holiday Monday here and our son and his wife are going away overnight to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  Guess who's looking after Max tonight?  Wish us luck ...

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

An unexpected day off

We normally have Leo and Rosie here on a Tuesday but as it was Rachel's birthday, they decided to take the day off work and have a family day together so we had an unexpected Tuesday to ourselves.  We didn't get off scot free though, there was an evening of babysitting instead while Rachel and James went out for a meal.

So, what to do with a day off?  We decided to go to Anglesey Abbey, a National Trust property about 35 miles from us.  Nothing at all to do with Anglesey the Welsh island which is about 300 miles from us!  

It really is a lovely place and with much history stretching back almost 900 years.  Originally built as a hospital in 1135, it became a priory in 1236 until the dissolution of monasteries by Henry VIII. It became a private house in 1609 and has had many owners and alterations.  The last owners, Lord Fairhaven and his brother bequeathed the house and gardens to the National Trust in 1966. 

The gardens are extensive and exceptionally well maintained.  So varied too, with woodland walks and many styles of gardens and amazing statues.

It is certainly a place to come back to and we have decided that we will definitely return in the autumn when the trees are changing colour, it will look wonderful.  The house itself was not open to the public until September, so that is another reason to return!

Monday, 23 August 2021

Me on Monday

 It's been a busy week for Leo, and a tiring one for me, since I last wrote a blog post. 

Most importantly, he's had a birthday party.  His first 'proper' party with all his school friends instead of family.  Rachel hired a hall, booked a bouncy castle completely decorated in superheroes, and arranged for a magician.  It was wonderful to see his happy little face.  Thirty six five year olds, with assorted siblings, can you imagine the noise?  Instead of one big cake with a candle to blow out, Rachel decided for all the children to have their own individual cake rather than a slice of a large one - more Covid friendly, I mean how many potential germs can a five year old share while blowing out a candle?  So that was my job on Friday, I baked four dozen cupcakes and then handed them over to be decorated.

You will have to imagine a swirl of icing on top of the cake, I forgot to take a photo before the children were allowed to dive in and eat them!

The magician was so good and every single child went home with their own balloon animal - Leo chose a monkey climbing a tree.

At the end of the party, we helped clear up, came home and an hour and a half later four friends came over for a Curry Night.  Luckily we had ordered the food before we went out to the party so had to just sit down and chill before they arrived.  They stayed until almost midnight, we loaded the dishwasher and went to bed, it had been a very busy day.  

I'd like to say I slept like a baby that night.  Actually I did, but like a newborn I was sound asleep for four hours and then awake for much of the next four!  The thunder.  The lightening.  The rain lashing against our windows.  Somehow Paul slept through it but once awake, I could not get back to sleep.  So it was no surprise when I fell asleep for an hour and a half after Sunday lunch was it?

We finally made it to the zoo with Leo and Rosie on Tuesday, and had a really lovely day.  We went to a zoo we hadn't been to before and were so impressed.  The animals had lots of space and they have many conservation projects ongoing.  After a morning looking at the wild animals, we had our picnic lunch and then went to the other half of the zoo.  The world of dinosaurs. Huge animatronic beasts, set in a woodland area.  I think they were a little larger and a lot noisier than Leo was expecting and boy did they look authentic!

Also, I finally got my new glasses.  They had tweaked my prescription and this time I was able to see just fine.

So how is this coming week looking? Well, Paul is out with a friend today so I have plans to make a birthday cake for Rachel's birthday tomorrow and crack on with a new crochet project.  This one's going to be a LOT smaller than my previous ones!

Lots of babysitting on the horizon - tomorrow for Rachel when she goes out for a meal with James in the evening, Max during the day on Wednesday and again for Rachel Saturday evening while they go to to a wedding reception.  All good practice for the following week when we have several nights of sleepovers - I need to start taking extra vitamins now!  

Monday, 16 August 2021

Me on Monday

 Last week was a busy one yet I can't honestly pick out much to blog about.  You know that song 'Busy doing nothing ...'?  I think that sums it up!  

Monday was a wash out - literally!

However, this was the week where we took Leo and Rosie out for the day and discovered the secret of where Santa stables Rudolph in the summer

The end of the week was more sociable with us having friends round for drinks to celebrate the end of their isolation after their son tested positive.  I met with ex work colleagues for coffee in the garden on Friday and on Sunday we went for lunch with my sister and brother in law to my cousin's house who we haven't seen for almost two years.  You can guess why!  All times we felt we were being as safe as possible, keeping distance and being either outside or in a well ventilated room but it still felt strange.

So Monday this week finds me with a pile of ironing waiting to be done, hopefully a visit to the zoo tomorrow, Max on Wednesday, Zumba on Thursday, cooking cupcakes on Friday and Leo's birthday party on Saturday followed by friends coming for a Curry Night in the evening.  

I can put off that pile of ironing no longer - have a good week!

Monday, 9 August 2021

Scavenger Hunt 2021 - 2nd roundup

 It's time for the second roundup of photos for the Summer Photo Hunt 2021 organised by Mary-Lou over at Patio Postcards.  My first finds can be seen in this blog post.

2 Favourite time of day

Is it the moon coming up?  Or the sun going down? 

6 What makes you laugh or happy

All the family together - there was no competition for this one!

12 Something that is cause for celebration


16 A guilty pleasure; something that recharges you

I have just three words.  Salted caramel gelato.  

17 An exit

Found at the end of a crazy golf course

18 Upside down, Right side up

I thought I may struggle with this one, but the current restrictions on entry and exit from shops came to my rescue

19 Steps but who's counting

There's not many of them, and they are not steep, but when you are weighed down by all the paraphernalia needed for a day on the beach, including two kites and a buggy, they are the final hurdle to the road home!

Are you joining in?  There's still time to start!  I can't wait to see what everyone else has found.

Sunday, 1 August 2021

A sentence a day in July

 Well, we start the month still in restrictions - will they ever end?

Day 1 Sun is shining, Zumba was a lot of fun and I discovered they sell my favourite locally made ice cream in a shop down the town - what a good start to the month

Day 2 Coffee with friends in the morning and afternoon tea in the garden with my sister in the afternoon, another sunny day.

Day 3 England beat Ukraine 4-0 and are through to the semi-finals of Euro 2020 (one year late) 

Day 4 Went to an Art & Craft exhibition that Paul's art teacher was participating in and came home with a new picture for the lounge, later that evening we realised that we had not come home with Paul's wallet 😔

Day 5 After a lot of searching, phone calls and emails the wallet turned up in a random place, in between two jigsaw puzzle boxes in our spare bedroom!

Day 6 Had Rosie here for a couple of hours until we had a phone call from Rachel to say that James had tested positive for Covid.  With no symptoms and having had both vaccines, if he hadn't gone into the office this morning and taken a routine lateral flow test he would have been none the wiser.

Day 7 Max has woken up with odd looking spots on his stomach and chest - chicken pox brewing?  So no childcare here at all this week :-( Did some baking to make sure freezer is stocked in case we all have to isolate

Day 8 Trying to reduce the amount of time spent in company indoors in the days leading up to our holiday so am doing Zumba online this week 

Day 9 Paul had to go to Minor Injuries at the hospital as he has had a nasty reaction to an insect bite - fortunately they don't think it's infected but it looks awful!

Day 10 Ladies Singles Final at Wimbledon, Ash Barty won - it was so good to see two people in the final who had never got that far before

Day 11 Euro 2020 Final, England v Italy.  It did not end well, with us losing on penalties

Day 12 Boris Johnson announced that all restrictions will lift on 19 July, despite numbers continuing to rise

Day 13 We lent Coco to Rachel for the afternoon as a distraction from them still being in isolation

Day 14 We had Max here for the day which was lovely, the rash he had last week remains a mystery, it never turned into chicken pox.

Day 15 Suitcases out of the loft, freshly laundered clothes piling up on the spare bed, Coco looking at us suspiciously 

Day 16 Jon working from home at our house as they have a lot of work going on today at the farm - washing and ironing totally up to date, one of the many benefits of going away! 

Day 17 Started our holiday in Southwold, happy to find our holiday home is perfectly situated for the beach and the shops and the sun is shining!

Day 18 A day on the beach, a walk to the pier and exploring the town

Day 19 Rachel and family went to a nearby zoo, so we just relaxed, did some sketching (Paul), read books (me) and then had a picnic lunch on the green (both of us)

Today was also the day that restrictions in the UK on mask wearing etc were lifted.  However ... everyone we saw in shops was still wearing masks and shops were still restricting numbers inside.  Which was a bit of a relief to be honest.

Day 20 A morning on the beach flying kites and digging holes, and an afternoon at the harbour crabbing 

Is it a meerkat?  Is it Spiderman? or is it Leo in a hole?

Day 21 It would normally be my day for having Max, so Jon brought him to join us at the beach -  fish and chips on the green for lunch, so much fun to have everyone here together.

Day 22 Spent all day at the beach, Rachel and James finally got to go out and have an anniversary meal (they were in quarantine for their actual anniversary) while we babysat the children in the evening.

Day 23 A busy day!  Went crabbing in the morning (Leo was thrilled to catch ten!), kite flying on the green and beach in the afternoon. 

Day 24 Time to pack up and come home.  Leo in tears in the car and desperate to know when we are going back - the sign of a good holiday!

Day 25 Max's 2nd birthday so we had a fun afternoon helping him celebrate; they had been forecasting thunderstorms all day but thankfully it stayed dry and warm and they didn't start until the party came to an end.

Day 26 Had an opticians appointment this morning, a new prescription means an excuse for new glasses - I always find it hard to choose new frames so I was there a long time!

Day 27 Rosie and Leo here for the day, went into town to get the ingredients to make 'slime' - it was a very messy afternoon but good fun.

Day 28 Max here for the day - he certainly keeps us on our toes, I got stung by a bee while in the garden picking raspberries for lunch 😓

Day 29 Dentist appointment first thing (which is my least favourite thing to do!) but skipped out with nothing needing to be done.  Zumba in the hall which was so much fun, but the day ended sadly with news in the evening that Rachel's father in law had died.

Day 30  Rachel and children came for tea as James has gone to spend time with his mum and help with all the arrangements that need to be done.

Day 31 Paul met up with some old school friends for a pub lunch and I binge watched some episodes of Virgin River!

And so ends another month.  It feels like we packed a lot into it.  Let's watch the month unfold in 1 second everyday

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Monday, 26 July 2021

Me on Monday

 I'm back!

You may have noticed a lack of posts from me last week, as we were on our holiday.  We were SO lucky with the weather, every day dry and sunny, which as we all know, is never guaranteed in England!  In normal times we would have headed off on a plane to some European resort and settled ourselves into a hotel to be waited on with buffet breakfasts, drinks by the pool, having local food for dinner in a restaurant which took our eye as we wandered around and going to bed each night with a very good chance that we would wake again to sunshine the next day.

What we wouldn't have had was 

Beach huts

Quirky little knitted and crocheted covers to post boxes


The opportunity to go crabbing in the harbour

An old fashioned pier

An amazing gelato shop 5 mins walk from our door
(ok, so we may have found this one overseas!)

🌅 🌅 🌅

As you may have guessed, we have had a lovely week away.  A proper old fashioned British seaside holiday.  Southwold is full of character, has a glorious beach, a harbour where you can go crabbing, large green areas on which to fly kites and have freshly caught fish and chips on a picnic blanket for dinner.  We even had a day when Jon and Max came to join us and it was wonderful to see all three grandchildren playing around on the beach.  

It was a week of sunshine, laughter and happy memories.  

I think that today we are all suffering from the post-holiday blues.

Friday, 16 July 2021

A new addition

 We have a new member of the family

A friend of ours who has a dreadful phobia of frogs found this little chap in their garden.  Knowing we have our little nature pond now, they offered to let us adopt him.  Actually it was more a case of begging us to take him! He seems to have settled in well and has found his happy place, half in and half out of the watercress plant.

It's become my morning routine to go out after breakfast and see if I can find him.  He's always so well camouflaged in the greenery.  I hope he doesn't miss us too much when we are on holiday!  I am sure he will miss having some weird woman peering into the pond every morning searching for him!

So, our daughter's isolation period is over; she booked herself in for a hair cut and colour and then a manicure appointment and gleefully handed the children over to Daddy to make up for the 10 very long days and nights that she has had them all to herself!  

We have a very suspicious looking dog here at the moment.  I'm sure she knows what those black cases mean when we get them out of the loft.  She'll have a lot of fun with her temporary family but she does have a way of making you feel very guilty.  I'm looking at the weather forecast and it looks as if we may have a dry, warm week ahead so fingers crossed (but of course I will be packing for every eventuality as we all know what a week in England can be like!)

I'm remembering to pack my photo hunt list so that I can hopefully cross a few more categories off.  I always like to find a few things from further afield. 

We are off to friends for pre-holiday drinks later, it's a tradition we started many years ago and a lovely way to start the week off.  I probably ought to be getting those cases zipped up before we go so I don't have to think about that when we get back later. Also once they are zipped, there is no chance of me throwing in one more item of clothing 'just in case'. After all, there's no luggage restriction on a UK break so no reason to travel light!  

Friday, 9 July 2021

Always read the small print

 To say that our daughter is finding it tough dealing with being in isolation with two energetic under 5s singlehandedly, whilst trying to also work from home and keep her husband supplied with food, drink and paracetamol is an understatement!  

We promised that they could have Coco come and spend the day with them as a little break from routine and something to look forward to so we dropped her off then came home for a coffee.

A little later Rachel rang 'I've tested positive' she said in a shocked voice.  The company that her husband works for had sent someone to their home yesterday to do a PCR test on her because they knew that his result had been positive from work.  She was surprised because she had a test on Tuesday which was negative and hadn't left the house or spent any time near to her husband since he came home from work that day.  He is quarantining in their play room and their paths have not crossed at all. 

Five minutes later she rang again.  'I'm not positive, I misread it' Phew!  The message said 'If your test result is positive you must report it on the following website ...' in her panic, she only saw 'your test result is positive' not that small but very important word 'IF' and when she read the whole message to the end she saw that it did indeed say 'Your result is negative for the virus'.

There was a brief moment when she thought that she could now mix with her husband and he could help out with the childcare duties but now she knows she definitely has another 6 days coping on her own.  Six long days ...

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

The best laid plans ...

 Just like that, the week we thought we had planned changed.

Rachel dropped Rosie off here yesterday morning as normal.  We played for a while and then went to the shops where Rosie fell asleep and had a lovely hour long nap, and then Rachel rang in a state of somewhere between anger and upset.  Her husband had gone into work, had his routine lateral flow test, and was promptly told to leave the building, have a PCR test and go home to isolate as he had tested positive.  

It was a bit of a shock as he had no symptoms at all, and they wondered if it was a false positive but the results are back today from the more accurate test and it confirmed the result.  Also, overnight he has developed symptoms and is now feeling under the weather.  So Rachel had to pick Leo up from school and then get Rosie from us and quickly take them to the nearest testing centre.  It was quite a shock as James works for a medical company and had been double vaccinated for quite some time.  Needless to say he is in the doghouse for bringing home the virus - well actually he's decamped to the playroom where he's set up an office and slept on the sofa! Poor Rachel is left to deal with two under 5s who will be bored and squabbling by lunchtime.

So whatever happens, Leo will miss his last week of school, which includes sports day  - and the Under The Sea day so there will be no photos of his costume which is a shame because it was looking pretty good!  Maybe they'll have a themed day at home instead.  

Then this morning I had an early message from Jon.  Max has woken with suspicious raised spots all over his chest and stomach.  He sent photos and they look distinctly like early chicken pox spots.  So they aren't coming over today just in case! No childminding for me this week.

But this has all got me thinking.  We did lateral flow tests last night which were both negative so at the moment we are ok.  It's only 10 days to our holiday, is it worth us going out to places with the associated risk of being 'pinged' to say that we've been in contact with someone who has reported a positive result?  I'm thinking that it isn't.  Rachel and family will be out of isolation in the nick of time. If we stay close to home apart from dog walks in the countryside from today we would be fine.  I think it's time to cancel my Zumba class and hair cut.   I've just done a BIG Tesco shop for us and Rachel so the cupboards are well stocked.  

What do you think?  Would you stay home in the 10 days leading up to a holiday?  Or are we being over cautious?  

Monday, 5 July 2021

Me on Monday

 Lots to celebrate here this weekend.  Saturday was a good day because not only did England beat Ukraine 4-0 in the football but it was also the day that this young 'lady' turned 10.

She spent the day doing all her favourite things, going for walks, sleeping, eating, patrolling the garden, barking at pigeons and the postman ... not to mention getting two new toys and some special chews.  

Paul's art teacher had a stall at an arts and crafts exhibition in a nearby town on Sunday and we came home with a new picture for our lounge.  She's a very talented lady and it's nice to support a local artist.  However ... at 10.30pm last night Paul realised that he couldn't find his wallet anywhere.  We searched high and low, in all the obvious places and then all the ridiculous places that you wouldn't expect him to put his wallet.  After half an hour of searching it was apparent that he has lost it.  Fortunately he only had one credit card in there, his driving licence and a £10 note so it was easy to stop the card.  It hadn't been used and you would think that if it had been stolen someone would have been using it on lots of purchases that only need it to be presented to a hand held device so maybe it is 'just' lost. So his Monday will be starting with calls to the exhibition venue and the coffee shop he went to afterwards.

*** Wallet update ***

Wallet has been found!  In a totally random place, at home.  In between two children's jigsaw boxes in our spare bedroom.  How strange.  Especially as we didn't have the children here after we got back from the art exhibition so there was no reason for Paul, or his wallet, to be any where near the jigsaws.  But anyway - relief all round!


So, where do you find me on this particular Monday?  With a day to myself as Paul is out with a friend.  After his wallet searching calls that is.  They like to explore different places neither of them have been before and today's choice is a village called Clare in Suffolk.  I think it's about an hour's drive from here and although it's a very small village apparently there are some lovely long walks that start and end there.  I suspect that their day will start with a coffee and a hot sausage roll from a local bakery and end with a beer and a sandwich in a pub.  So much for the healthy walk in between the two!

I quite like having a day where I don't actually have anything planned.  I may pop into town to pick up a few bits and pieces for our trip to Southwold.  We need a new picnic blanket as I am sure we will be having a few al fresco lunches, hopefully on the beach.  Our old one is looking a bit tatty, I won it in a raffle many years ago and I think it's time to put it out to retirement!  

I have a feeling that my fancy dress costume making skills may be called into action too.  On Friday Leo has a non uniform day where the theme is 'under the sea'.  I suspect there may be a lot of little girls in mermaid costumes!  Not so easy for a boy though.  He has decided (with a bit of suggestion from his mum) to be a scuba diver.  He is borrowing Paul's snorkel and mask and R will be spray painting some empty water bottles silver to be air tanks but there is the issue of how to attach them to something that will hold them onto his back.  We do have a plan which involves felt, a hot glue gun and the cord from an old backpack, but then there is the issue of flippers to go over his trainers.  Good old Pinterest!  Wish us luck!  

Thursday, 1 July 2021

A sentence a day in June

 June has started with warm temperatures and brilliant sunshine and the prospect of more relaxation of rules by the end of the month ...

Day 1 Should have taken Leo and Rosie to the zoo but they succumbed to a sick bug in the early hours of the morning so we ended up taking Max instead.

Day 2 Max came over for the day and discovered that even if you take your bowl of rice cakes into a ball pit, Coco will still try to come in and 'share' them

Also happy to report that the results to my blood test showed that I am positive for antibodies which must mean that the covid vaccination has worked!

Day 3 Zumba at 10, hair appointment at 12, coffee with friends at 2pm - what a lovely busy day 😊

Day 4 After days of sunshine, back came the rain - a lazy day indoors gave me the excuse to crack on with my crochet

Day 5 My sister's 50th wedding anniversary.  Instead of going somewhere exotic to celebrate they have a weekend away in Norfolk!

Day 6 Had Leo and Rosie here to make up for Day 1, their mum and dad headed off for their delayed lunch in Cambridge!

Day 7 Was quite humid today but that didn't mean I couldn't get totally up to date with my ironing #leastfavouritejob

Day 8 Rosie was here today and was so happy to discover that I was wearing a pale blue dress very similar to the one she was wearing, she kept saying 'Nanny, we twins!'

Also played dress up while waiting for their mum to come and collect them.

Day 9 Max came to play for the day and Jon had his first Covid vaccination - it was a hot day today, we tried playing out in the garden but came in after a short while as it was cooler indoors.

Day 10 Zumba in morning, friends came over for coffee and cake in the garden in the afternoon - apparently there was a partial solar eclipse this morning, but too cloudy to see any evidence of it here.

Day 11 Rachel had a big presentation to do for work, so I ended up taking Rosie to Wiggle Wiggle for her dance class; safe to say I was twice the age of the other mums there!

Day 12 Friends came over for dinner - weather was glorious so we were able to eat in the garden - was a lovely evening.

Day 13 More entertaining!  Rachel and Jon both came over for lunch with their families, it was so lovely to see the grandchildren all playing together in the garden.

Day 14 The day we had news about easing of restrictions ... a four week delay - hey ho.

Day 15 Today we had this month's covid and antibody tests, it was also our day for having Rosie but fortunately she was napping when the tester arrived so didn't have to witness Nanny and Grandad stabbing themselves in the finger!

Day 16 Max and his dad came for the day - we look after Max while Jon works from home in our house, it's a combination which works well. 

Day 17 Zumba in the hall was hot, hot, hot.  So humid today, and then the rain came 

Day 18 Rachel and children stayed overnight as James was spending the evening in London watching the football, Rosie and Leo were so excited to be having another sleepover

Day 19 Had friends over for a meal in the evening, haven't seen them since September last year - there was a lot of catching up to do!

Day 20 Father's Day meant that Paul did a lot of relaxing and eating and drinking his favourite things!

Day 21 Had Rosie here for a few hours while Rachel went to the dermatology unit at the hospital. 

Day 22 Our day for having Rosie and Leo, oh how I wish we had their energy.

Day 23 Jon brought Max over for the day, I took him into town to be measured for new shoes and he proudly wore his new red trainers for the rest of the day.

Day 24 Zumba! Also had Rosie in the afternoon as her childminder is still on holiday #comehomesoon #Iamexhausted

Day 25 Went to visit friends who have moved close to the coast, we went early so we could squeeze in a walk along the seafront at Frinton with Coco before we were due there for lunch.  Also went to friends for drinks in the evening, what a busy, sociable day!

Day 26 Spent most of the day tidying up in the garden, things have really grown well this year, all the rain followed by days of sun has obviously worked wonders

Day 27 Rachel, James, Leo and Rosie came for Sunday lunch, did some pond dipping in the garden in the afternoon and discovered that we have lots and lots of baby newts hiding in there.

Day 28 A day of medical appointments - Jon & Sophie had reassuring news at their 21 week baby scan and Rachel had the biopsy carried out on her leg.

Day 29 Had Rosie for the day, Coco went to the groomers and surprise, surprise ...  England v Germany Euro 2020 football match in the evening and ... we won!

Day 30 Had a lovely day with Max then an evening to myself as Paul went to the pub with friends for a delayed football celebration.

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