Friday 27 July 2018

Scavenger Hunt 2nd link up

Joining in with Mary Lou for the next link up in Scavenger Hunt 2018!  Are you joining in?  It's not to late to pick up your camera/phone and get started!

I was so pleased to find quite a few more pictures to tick off my Scavenger Hunt list when we went to Lake Garda earlier this month.

 4 Wings
I took a few pictures at the airport of the wings of the plane we flew out on but I wasn't very happy with them and then when we arrived in Italy there was a market in the town and I noticed this stand with model aircraft and was much happier with that as my subject.

 5 Pedal Power
Seen outside a shop selling lavender

 6 Glorious Green
Limes growing around by the pool at our hotel.  The perfect accompaniment for a gin and tonic ;-)

7 An unexpected reflection
OK, you have to look hard for this one but if you look just to the right of the armchair beside the larger horse's head you will see me, reflected in a mirror on the wall taking a photo of the window of this art gallery

 9 Looks smaller than you
I'm not going to lie, I'm not happy with this one.  Do I look bigger than the castle in the background?  I may be revisiting this prompt!

11 Pretty in pink
I took this earlier in the month when our grass was still green (it's like brown straw nowadays since weeks of heatwave and no rain!) This little flower grew in my mum's garden and I brought some to my home when she died.  It's popping up all over the garden now, but is one of those flowers that only opens in the day time and then closes in the evening.

12 Bell
On the ferry that goes from Desenzano to Sirmione

 13 Equal portions
After being up since 5am and not really eating until 2pm this bruschetta was a sight for sore eyes, but I managed to restrain myself from eating any until I'd taken the photo.  The cafe provided no cutlery so it was very lucky that they had cut it nicely into squares for us to dive in and eat with our fingers!

14 A trilogy of three
Saw this water feature at the end of a shopping mall in the town and loved the glass circles behind the fountains

 15 Out of the blue
Back to Hertfordshire for this one!  These flowers also close at night and reopen in the daylight and are in a long swathe by the lake near to our house,  we thought they had died while we were away as we walked past on an evening dog walk, but the next day they were back.  A whole wall of blue, and completely humming with bees.

19 Picture postcard perfect
I can't think of one thing I'd change about this area of Desenzano, the architecture, the atmosphere, the boats, the flowers.  Fantastic!

Saturday 21 July 2018

5 things my grandson taught me

You forget how long everything takes when you have to factor a small child into the equation and sometimes just setting foot outside the front door seems like a major achievement.  But there are some things that Leo does that I think we could all incorporate into our busy days.

  1. Take time to smell the flowers.  No trip round the garden should fail to include careful inspection of all the 'pretties'.  Just don't follow Leo's example of sometimes pulling off the flower heads to get a better view of them.
  2. Watch where you are going.  After all, there may be an ant on the pavement.  Check that path carefully in case there is something small and crawly down there. It does make even walking to the car from the front door quite an expedition but it's important to appreciate nature.
  3. Don't eat your dinner too quickly.  There's nothing worse for your digestion.  Of course, some people take this too literally and eat each grain of rice or pea individually, but you can't be too careful.
  4. Take time out to enjoy a nice leisurely bath.  There's nothing better than submerging yourself in warm, bubbly water.  Enjoy every minute and if someone tries to make you get out before you are ready - kick up a fuss, you'll possibly get a few more precious minutes.
  5. Read a book before bedtime.  A nice relaxing one.  Snuggle down in your PJs, have a glass of milk and when you're nice and sleepy, climb into bed and have a well deserved  nap.湘
Can you think of anything else we should re-introduce from our childhood?

Monday 16 July 2018

News on a Monday

I can't believe it; it's been a year since our daughter's wedding 

I love this photo of her, she looks so happy and it just about sums up the atmosphere of the wonderful day that we all had.  Look how little Leo looks in this next photo!

This year has flown by and I've just realised that there is some big news that I don't think I've shared on my blog - Leo is going to be a 'big brother'.  R is expecting another baby in December which is very exciting.

My retirement couldn't have come at a more convenient time eh?!

Friday 13 July 2018

La dolce vita

How does a week go by so fast?  One minute I was setting my alarm clock for 4.30 am ready for a taxi pick up at 5 and the next we were asking the hotel receptionist to arrange for us to have an early morning wake up call for 6.30 am for our return flight home.

But in between we have had a fab week of sunshine, fabulous food, I've developed a real taste for rose prosecco, acquired 6 mosquito bites, swam every day and practised our Italian whenever we could.  

But a few too many of these amazing gelato desserts ...

... means that my husband is currently at the dentist having root canal treatment.  He had to go to the dentist the day before we went away and although the dentist filled his tooth, he said he wasn't convinced that was all it was and that if it got worse, he would have to have more drastic treatment.  Fortunately it didn't get worse until the day before we came home so he was able to have 5 days of gelato gorgeousness and ice in his aperol spritz!

We stayed in a resort called Desenzano which is on Lake Garda and is absolutely beautiful.  Such a lovely atmosphere, and plenty of interesting things to do.  We didn't venture far afield once we were there, only a couple of ferry rides across to Sirmione but I am happy to say that I've checked off quite a few of the photos needed for the scavenger hunt which I will share soon.  

Back to reality now, suitcases unpacked and washing done which can only mean one thing - that ironing basket is full to overflowing