Monday 9 April 2012

Chocolate overload

I think it's time for me to 'step away from the chocolate'.  I need to hide the bits that are left as I am eating it just because it's there now!  It's been a busy weekend.  As well as having everyone here for dinner yesterday we also had my mother in law staying for a little while as this is the first wedding anniversary since losing her husband and it didn't feel right for her to be on her own, especially as it is over the Easter period.  My husband's just left to take her home and I must say it is nice to have the house to myself for a little while!  She's becoming increasingly hard of hearing and is too proud to admit it so there's been much repeating of things and the tv volume is twice as loud as normal!  We have heard many of the old stories and reminiscences as you can imagine, but that's one more milestone passed.
I am pleased to say that the pork yesterday was amazing and the leftovers that we had with new potatoes and salad for lunch were every bit as delicious.  It was a total hit, so if you ever find yourself with a huge hunk of pork, do give it a try.  I also tried out another new recipe which was a variation on Key Lime Pie that was tasty but so simple and will be on my next dinner party menu for sure!  So as you can tell, much eating and drinking has gone on and I need to get myself on the straight and narrow again - soon before straight and narrow turns into curvaceous and wide!
Another week of 365+1 has happened 
Some quite diverse titles here which got me photographing old teddies, ancient costume jewellery, guitar pedals, wedding hair accessories, swarovski crystals, hand cream and green peppers!  
And whilst we have been relaxing, eating and drinking, our daughter's boyfriend's twin brother has flown out to Morocco to take place in the Marathon des Sables which is six days of back to back marathons across the Sahara Dessert.  
The expression 'Rather you than me' has never been more apt.  


Jo.C said...

Love the swarovski crystal shot. Should have thought of that.
Sounds like a great weekend x

Anonymous said...

I am confused by your blog title - can there ever be chocolate overload? What a busy weekend you have had, so glad MIL got through this tough milestone x

Alison said...

It's always nice to get some time to yourself, after a busy spell! Kirsty is in Morocco, but I'm fairly sure marathon running isn't on her agenda!
Alison xx

alexa said...

Sounds like a busy time ... the chocolate will only be temporary so perhaps you can allow yourself to finish the bits!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I am still full from yesterday! My 10 on the Tenth post tomorrow will be about some of the things I ate yesterday.

Beverly said...

I am stunned that anyone can even do 2 back to back marathons much less in the desert! Think I will have to try the pork recipe. I totally understand how you can enjoy company but then feel so good when afterwards the house is silent. All Easter candy is marked way down here so I am buying but not opening since then I eat them. Will send them off to the boys :)