Friday, 14 November 2008


... oh dear, how long did that daily blog intention last?! I know things will be better come Dec 1st when JYC starts and I have something more to show, but in the meantime it's hard to find something creative to write about normal day to day routines.
At the moment I am preparing myself to take my son to the station to head back to uni and as the saying goes I'm 'missing him already'. It's been lovely to have him home, although we haven't seen much of him as he caught up with old friends. It's just been nice to know he was back. Now it's goodbye time all over again.
My daughter gave me a little book of 'Mum' sayings a couple of years ago and one page she marked says 'Nothing looks as lonely as your mum before she sees you coming up the platform' and it's very true. When she came home from uni by train I used to arrive at the station way too early just so I would definitely be there when the train pulled in. Then I would hold my breath as the doors opened and scour the platform looking for the first sight of her. Then that little leap of joy as you see each other. But tonight, it will be the other way round, getting to the station and saying goodbye. I know he won't want me to come with him to the platform, and I know that 'lonely' is how I will feel as I turn the key in the ignition and start the journey back home without him.

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