Saturday 11 July 2009


It is now officially Summer. Last night we went to our friends' house for a Paella Evening; it's kind of a landmark to the seasons when Paella night arrives.
Richard is the king of paella. Which is kind of appropriate as that is his surname! His paella recipe is unrivalled and even though I have stood in his kitchen and watched him cook it - I still can't recreate it at home. And trust me, I have tried. The only downside to eating his paella is that it spoils you for any other paella, anywhere in the world. Again, trust me, I have tried. The only place that kind of came close was in Valencia which is the birthplace of the dish and we had a meal in a traditional paella restaurant that is steeped in history.
So my friends, much as I would like to share a plate of this delicious food with you, you will have to take my word that it is devine and just enjoy looking at the photo!

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