Friday 27 April 2012

Friday of a week in the life

This week is flying by.  And I thought I'd show my photos in a different way today

  • I was sitting at my desk this morning and noticed that the way in which my computer mouse was laying at the edge of the mouse mat made quite a comical face. It made me smile anyway,  I think I may slowly be going crazy!
  • When I had my bath this morning, I noticed something glittery in the bottom of the bathtub.  It was a  metal 18 - the kind of thing you find in table confetti.  But as my daughter is 25 and son is 22, it's been a long time since we had 18th birthday celebrations in our house.  So where had it come from?  Had those bath ducks been having a party when we go out?  Has penguin been leading them astray again?
  • The road home from work is a really pretty one.  The road in which our school is situation is one of the most sought after in town and house prices are significantly higher than anywhere else locally.  Looks so nice this time of year when the gardens are starting to come into colour.
  • Is anyone else out there hooked on 'draw something'?  I am a dreadful artist and it's so hard to do something using your finger on a phone screen but I absolutely love it.  Me and Deb Turtle are quite the 'draw something divas' and I love the fact that you can have contact with people in so many ways nowadays.
I'm still chuckling over Amy's idea yesterday of filling my Brad Pitt mug with brads for the next crop!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Lovely pictures today - I just shared a video as part of my WITL. Today's my last day, as I started on Saturday. And, as always, I'm pretty ready for it to be over.

Amy said...

How are you planning to present your week Deb?

Sian said...

I like that little bit of magic of finding the "18"!