Sunday 27 May 2012

Week 21

As I make these 365+1 collages it keeps jolting me to think how quick we have reached almost the half way point of the year.  They do say that the time goes faster as you age and I have a horrible suspicion that they may be right ...
A wide variety of words this week:
Minimalist - I don't really 'do' minimalist but I guess the style of the table lamp and the fact that the table top isn't cluttered fits the bill
Ornament - I'm not a great ornament collector, I don't have many places to put ornaments, we have patio doors in our lounge and dining room so no window sills to clutter display things.  These two Nao girls were my mum's and I keep them on the shelf of the unit in our dining room.  It's nice to have a few memories here and there to see on a daily basis.
Restful - memo to husband, keep an eye on the time when you decide to have a snooze in the sunshine while your wife is at work.  When she returns at 4pm there is no way she will believe you have been busy in the garden if you are discovered snoring in the patio chair.
Artificial - a pretty display of fake flowers in a local shop
Soft - a real cuddly cushion 
Boring - the words 'audit sheets' fill the bill here.  Files on my desk at work
Cleanliness - it's so lovely to be able to hang the washing out in the sun to dry after months of using the tumble drier.
So that's me for this week.  I'm off to learn how to tie a sarong tightly as I have a starring role in tomorrow's Year 10 assembly on the topic of 'Inappropriate clothing for your week of work experience'.  I do hope there will not be a Judy Finnigan moment .... (British readers may remember the hostess of a popular daytime chat show going up to receive an award only to find that her dress had slipped down to her waist on the walk up to stage and she was displaying all her assets to the audience) I was never a Girl Guide so my knowledge of knots isn't very good.  Wish me luck.


Alison said...

Great pics...and would love to be there for your sarong debut!
Alison xx

Abi said...

I like the photos and how you have displayed them. A nice way to sum up your month

Sian said...

I'm laughing at the thought of a "Judy moment" - knowing you, you would carry it off with aplomb..