Friday 31 May 2013

My month in numbers

I would like to start this post by assuring you that there was nothing untoward going on between me and the caretaker.  Just wanted to make sure everyone was clear on that.  More of that later.

Now where was I?  Are yes, looking back over what happened in May.  When I think of May I remember being little and wanting to wear a summer dress to school without a vest underneath.(When I say little, I mean younger, about 7.  Because I'm still little and I no longer seek permission to wear my dresses with or without vests on underneath.  And let's face it, vests nowadays are quite different to the ones I wore in the olden days of 1965 anyway, my mum said I had to keep my vest on because you 'must not cast a clout 'till May is out'.  I wasn't casting or clouting, I just didn't want to wear that pesky vest.  She then puzzled me even more by saying 'do they mean the month, or the flower? After all May is also the name of a flower.'  Didn't matter much because neither month was over nor flower was out, I had to wear that itchy, scratchy, 'makes me sweat all over', 'no one else is wearing one' vest.  But before I can finally 'cast my clout' let me walk you through May.

We started off the month with 1 new carpet in our conservatory.  Woe betide anyone who doesn't take their shoes off or wipe their paws before coming in there now.
I went to 1 crop where I made 1 layout and a minibook with 14 photos in it. I also ate 2 cupcakes.  It was International Scrapbooking Day.  Which has no numerical significance except it's the 2nd time I've been at the EK crop on an International Scrapbooking Day.
That night we had 2 other couples over for an Indian meal.
We had 2 Bank Holiday Monday's in May. 
My brother in law, my sister and my god daughter all had birthdays this month.  132 candles would have been used up.  And as little Sophie is only 3, it doesn't take a mathematician to work out that the other two are much, much older.  I'm sure my sister wouldn't want me to divulge her age.  But hey, I'm a little sister, embarrassing our big sisters is what we do best.  63.  She's a LOT older than me. He he he
4 Dog training classes.  Which gives Coco 4 opportunities to make me look like a liar and behave like a little angel.  "She pulls on the lead when we're out for a walk".  "Show me what happens"  Cue the perfect puppy walking obediently by my side looking up at me with a sly look as if to say 'who's she going to believe?  You or me?' "She won't come back when she's called."  "Coco, come" and there she is immediately at my feet with a knowing grin on her face. 
3 meals out with work mates.
My daughter ran 10k in Race for Life
1 meal out with friends to Le Belgique for Bapas.  The Belgian equivalent of tapas.  10 different dishes to share.  1st time I've ever tried horsemeat, and I was pleasantly surprised.
2 visits to the vets. Coco seems to have developed indigestion in the mornings.  I have a sneaky suspicion that this is Princess Puppy trying hard to have freshly cooked chicken breast and rice cooked every day.
48 squares of the most beautiful fabric ordered for the 1st ever machine made patchwork quilt.  Once each square is cut into quarters I am going to have fun working out the 100 squares I need.
3 pairs of raised eyebrows from the ladies in the Finance Office as I walked out of the ladies toilet with the caretaker.  (see above)  You see, this is exams time at school and the corridor leading to the main staff toilets is out of bounds as it is next to the exam hall, so our nearest one is the disabled toilet next to the finance office.  One lunchtime last week, I went down there and before I could even close the door I noticed that there was no paper on the roll.  So I came back out and bumped into the new caretaker and asked him if he knew where the spare rolls were stored.  With a wry smile, he beckoned me back in there and pointed upwards.  On the top of the cupboard was a box and in it was spare rolls.  Which is fine if you are tall but if a little person like me tried to stand on her tippy toes and reach up to get it, well it's a recipe for disaster and reminds me of the incident with the pasta on the top shelf of the supermarket.  Spillage in aisle five ... So he reached up and took a roll out and then insisted on fitting it in the holder for me.  By which time of course the door had closed behind us.  So when the door reopened a few minutes later, there were 3 very curious ladies wondering why we were both in there together. Doesn't take much to start a rumour ..... 

Mustn't forget to mention that this is part of a series run by Julie at Notes on Paper -make sure you pop over there and see what she's been up to this month!


Sian said...

Not wearing a vest! Funny, out of all the great chat in this post that's the bit that jumps out at me because I can remember feeling the same way. It had to be very warm round here before it could even be considered. Great post!

Cheri said...

I have no idea what a "vest" under your dress even is??? And I love the name "caretaker" for what we call "janitor" or "custodian". Just sounds nicer. Ah, the language differences!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Most entertaining month in numbers ever. And I echo what Cheri said! :o)

alexa said...

So glad you explained about the caretaker :). And that's a lot of,interesting numbers and interesting activities in your month. And lots of eating nice things - that has to be a plus in one of the coldest Mays on record!

Miriam said...

Oh I remember those dreadful vests and having to wear one until...Oh at least the summer holidays. Lovely writing and great numbers for your May.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

what a great bunch of numbers!

Amy said...

Now that is a month in numbers!

Julie Kirk said...

I like how he insisted on fitting the toilet roll ... like a wine waiter pouring your drink for you. [At least he didn't wait around for you to try it ... forgive me, I couldn't resist!]

We've definitely needed vest this month - I even had my winter hat and gloves on last week! Such unpredictable weather.

Thanks for joining in - I can't pin your post to Pinterest without a photo - but if you want me to, and you drop a photo into it sometime then let me know and I'll come back.

Happy June to you!

Julie :-)

Maria Ontiveros said...

So many fun numbers, framed by a great story! Happy June.

Tinkertaylor said...

The vest episode made me lol I remember that each "Whitsun" you got white ankle socks, sandals and a pretty cotton dress. Now it's more likely to be a fleece, jeans and ugg boots! Great post

Jen said...

Oh I loved your story of the vest! I can remember feeling exactly the same way. Great numbers and some wonderful food! J x

KraftyKaren said...

Well I won't be casting any clouts - it is June and it is freezing still here in the South East.

Looks like you have had a fun month and so funny about you and the caretaker!!